Chubby Check-in: 25 weeks / 6 months pregnant after Tummy Tuck

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Pat conrad says:

Congrats on your pregnancy – followed you post sleeve and plastics…you’re
a great inspiration.

Kellawanda says:

Yes, my ab muscles were sewn back together from where being obese pulled
them apart so everything is held in tighter. Plus i’ve been told I have a
retro-verted uterus (tilts backwards instead of forwards).

Dottie May says:

So excited for you! You look great. It seems so odd that the fast food item
would be those to stay down. I wonder why that is? I say this all the time,
but I just love your videos.

Aladdin Boo Turek says:

This really interested me, My daughter had had a tummy tuck about 10 years
back and had a baby 15 months ago, and virtually never looked pregnant,
Just looked like an overweight woman. This makes a lot of sense to me

simplyme922 says:

you look fabulous.

elk2804 says:

You look fabulous, glowing. I didn’t stop vomiting until I was about 7mths
and was in hospital a few times with dehydration. I was obese at the time
so ended up losing about 25kg (thank goodness I didn’t gain so the vomiting
did something good). Keep up the good work and if carby stuff is all you
can eat so be it. You might not show until late in the piece & if baby is
healthy doesn’t matter what you have to eat. You will get back into
‘shape’, you are one determined lady :)

Janice Jones says:

Hi Kelly I carried the same way even to the end did not look pregnant you
will lose the weight after the baby is born looking good girl blessings
from down under

dawna myrick says:

You are so stinkin’ cute!

grodot333 says:

I missed out on anyone being polite like giving up their seat, b/c I was so
heavy that people just assumed I was fat instead of pregnant. Being a
mother is the best thing that ever happened to me. Enjoy every moment with
them, it goes so fast. My girls are 6 & 10 now. Sleep is the only thing I
miss! Best of luck, wishing you a smooth & healthy pregnancy! XOXO

zenmaiden1 . says:

Def song look pregnant

Michelle momma says:

everyone is different.. all i wanted was mcdonalds cheeseburgers… i
gained a total of 38 pounds… alot was water.. while pregnant you hold
alot of water.. i lost 22 pounds when i left the hospital.. i was their
longer (5 Days) due to c-section & back problems.. you will loose it again
!! don’t worry !!

Cassandra M says:

You are showing the same way as I am… Theres no real “bump” but theres
thickness. And i TOTALLY agree, showing the way we are without the bump
sucks to an extent. I still move around like a pregnant person, im
constantly out of breath or exhausted. But I have no sympathy from anyone
because I guess if you dont “look” pregnant, then you must be fine lol. Not
that I want everyone to bend over backwards for me, but it would be nice if
they realized I am actually carrying a 7 1/2 month baby inside

snowywhite79 says:


Tiana Pernich says:

Kelly you look fantastic! Keep eating what your body will let you for now.
When I was pregnant with each of my two children there were days when the
only thing I could keep down was a bean burrito with extra onions from Taco
Bell. The strane thing is that aside from my pregnancies I rarely eat Taco
Bell. Thank you for the treasure trove of videos. I’m having wls on Sept.
27th and watching your journey has been invaluable to me. Always looking
forward to your next post :o)

neecyd63 says:

Think you look marvelous and I also think that you are one who has your
head on so straight that after baby comes you’ll have no problem with
working that weight right off girl!

TheGalwayfan says:

You’re carrying just like my daughter did. She had a healthy baby boy. You
look great. Eat what your body wants. The baby is worth gaining some weight
for. You can lose it after

Re Cj says:

Thank you for the update I was thinking at you wondering how things were
going. I’m really happy all is going well, congratulations you are doing
fantastic I can’t wait to see the beautiful baby :0)

Skyjem1 says:

Great video! Stay positive and everything will be alright.

MsLocoGal says:

wow u look great and thanks for sharing!

Shelly Allen says:

You look amazing! Thank you for sharing your journey!

يا حافظ يارب says:

Hey kelly I had the gasteric sleeve its going to be one yr next month and
im also 22 weeks pregnant and yea I have a bump but wen ppl see me they
just think im fat lol so lucky u lol but because I sid get pergnant so fast
after sugery in this 5 months I only gained 5 pounds. u didn’t mention when
was your due date and whats the sex of the baby if you don’t mind sharing :)

zenmaiden1 . says:

Being pregnant is light a switch is on to eat.. Please be careful, only
saying this as I gained 65 pounds and it was how I began my obesity. I also
vomited a lot and daily I ended up over eating to keep down. It will pass.
Maybe take some protein shake . You could potentially gain for sure 100
percent from 7-9 it is huge changes. Just saying . Hugs to you you look
great .. Zen

TheTrujamaican says:

U look beautiful!

cory romero says:

where is you Facebook page???! Following you for 2 and a half years now…
you are an awesome inspiration!!!

siva418 says:

I’m actually glad to hear you have a retro-verted uterus because I was told
I have that too (12 years ago) and I haven’t gotten pregnant since. It’s
partially because of PCOS, but I have always been so concerned with whether
I’d have a full term pregnancy. You give me hope! You look amazing – don’t
worry about your weight gain. You’re doing well with that too; I agree with
your midwife. Eat what you can keep down. Are you having a boy or girl? I’m
guessing a boy :) Take care!

dawnydmc says:

Your going to pop out before you know it. I had a friend that didn’t start
showing until between her 7-8th month, but she did start gaining weight
everywhere else, but lost it all after her pregnancy.

Lacuna says:

I also have a tilted uterus – and had same surgery as you. Please see more
of my previous comments below. What made me laugh the most in your video is
I am not showing either in my belly and I just said yesterday I look like I
am pregnant in my ass, not belly.

Mary Josselyn Winter says:

You look so happy. I’m glad for you. You’re lucky with the tummy; it was
like that for my first one. Enjoy the kicking…it was my favorite part.

ckrtom2 . says:

Nice update and good to see you’re doing well. I drive by Taco Bell on the
way to and from work. Oh, the “pintos and cheese”–I forgot about those. I
can make my own “guiltless” ones at home now since I don’t eat fast food
any more…:-) Take care. Mark

jessicakesbanded says:

Does your tummy tuck have something to do with you not showing?

kkimberly2004 says:

Congratulations I didn’t know you were pregnant! I have not seen a vid from
you come up in my feed in a long time, yt urgh! lol I think you are going
to pop put right at the end. lol Enjoy your pregnancy and continue to
monitor things as you have, you will be fine. I think you are gonna be one
of those people that drop a huge amount right after having the baby,
without trying and the other pregnant women are gonna hate you more! lol jk!

ladarla Bencomo says:

when I was pregnant the only thing I could keep down was lotta burger so
I’m right there with you. Just hang in there the weight will come off once
you have your beautiful baby and you will have so much fun going for walks
with your husband and baby. You look great by the way.

romina9983 says:

I think you look great! I am 12 weeks pregnant and I can’t get enough
carbs. Problem is they really do make you feel much better. I’ve gained 4
pounds so far and the nurse already yelled at me. I wanted to say lady
please you have no idea that is nothing for me lol.

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