Chris Pratt Knows The Best Card Trick Ever – The Graham Norton Show

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You gotta watch this one all the way to the end.

The Graham Norton Show airs Saturdays at 10/9c on BBC America.

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It'sMeAle x says:

He is awesome

JUST, EPIC! says:

I love her expression

Sno Bear says:

that last trick you just have to put the right card on the very bottom and it will stay. it's called a ninja chop

Marcelo Liberman De Loreto says:

Its a great trick.

Anonymous Person says:

Eddie Redmayne will always reign supreme

Muhammad Akbar W says:

Now that how you get a woman heart

Kai Crooks says:

legend has it, Jennifer Lawrence's mouth is still open

DANMM says:

Jamie Oliver looks so bored

Italians Sister says:


nadine patuga says:

hell nah

Jeongho Im says:

at minute 1 he looked at the second card, which had to be th A of hearts and then shuffled the last card (4 of spades to the top at 1:03) thats how he already knew the card which was gonna be Will i am's lol

Dhelwyn jardin says:

You should had let scott or strange handle that…

Reddit sucks 9999 says:

0:52 nice shot

Eoghan S says:

0:59 you’re welcome

Tristan Kovac says:

5:53 jennifer lawrence is shooook xD


Who came here after endgame

Fleur Wasch says:

Wait I think I got it…. NOPE

Sanskaar Patni says:

Is this fake ?

polopos Bernardo says:

He used 0.01% of his magic

maka3230 says:

50 percent of success was all a distraction


50% of the times succesfull, perfectly balanced as all things should be.

FeartheSpear says:

I know how he does it at the beginning when he inspects the deck to tell u it’s new he looks at third card and memorizes it the he tells you to take the two top cards off and pick the third the one he knows then when he tries to pick the card he hides the card he knows behind the second and burns the second card he showed then puts your card in the guess pile then when he slaps it he puts it on the bottom and when you hold the cards that way and slap them the bottom always stays which was the card

Harvey Skinner says:

Chris Pratt is a legend

Matrix Man says:

Ant-Man: Does close up card trick

Star Lord: "Hold my beer"

Angie Babasa says:

Scott lang wants to know your location

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