Caring For Your Newborn

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Bonny Whalen, MD, Medical Director of the Newborn Nursery at Dartmouth-Hitchcock shares information about caring for your newborn. Topics include your baby’s first few hours, security in the Birthing Pavilion at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, early tests and procedures, feeding your baby, sleep patterns, visitors, the Period of Purple Crying, further tests and treatments for your baby, as well as various activities that will take place before you take your baby home. Learn more about the Birthing Pavilion at


MorbidAngelGaming says:

OMG when she pricked the babys foot, thats tooo much, seem like she was struggling who tf is that nurse>.> id be upset

The Nerdy Girlie says:

Do the babies get anything to help with the pain of shots or taking blood from their foot? I feel like they need medicine so it doesn’t hurt them.

harnoor kaur says:

Wow now am not scarf for when I grow up

BluE says:

Im preganannant

xXstormyXtimesXx says:

I came here for the babies!!! AH THEY SO CUTE!

petalLlll says:

I'm sorry, did I hear "sudden infant death syndrome"? Whot

Azama Shabani says:

Omg this is very helpful…

minferd says:

i’m literally 16 and i’m not even sexually active and i’m still watching this for some reason

Jennifer Causey says:

I'm so happy I'm 16 weeks and 4 months pregnant and its our first baby

Rashida's Corner says:

Aw I don’t wanna see my baby get a shot :(((

Valtharion says:

That thing is not beautiful. It's one of the ugliest things I've ever seen. Can't help but wonder how much meth this stupid bitch smoked while she was pregnant to create that…. monstrosity.

usernamenotinvaild says:

@ 20:00 dont shake it lol.

usernamenotinvaild says:

mom is kinda ugly : (

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