Cardinals vs. 49ers Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2020

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The Arizona Cardinals take on the San Francisco 49ers during Week 1 of the 2020 NFL season.

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Gary Jones says:

This was a BS win for Arizona..just like Seahawks early loss last year when we was hurt. We’ll see you again. Please just one healthy season with limited injuries!

Sergio Moreno says:

If you wanna debate football or just be pals call me, +1 (480) 363-9178

123 forty says:

Seahawks- Deadbeat dad that wins the division one year then leaves.
49ers- the mom that stays to take care of the kid but is relevant
Cardinals- the kid that takes advantage of the mom most of the time but still can’t pass them.
Rams- that weird cousin that gets on your nerves.
(I know this is inaccurate but just wanted to make it)

No_oneis_safe says:

Good damn we need to get other QB jimmy is not a good fit for the 49ers

camaro rider says:

sToP rAcIsM- makes millions lmao

Lic. Faruk Mera Saade says:

As a 49ers fan, Jimmy G sucks! Since the last season!

ucnhtmenow1 says:

My buddy Christopher "Bubba" Boudreaux, who played for Nevada Wolf Pack as a safety and ran a 4.3 40-yd dash, was recruited to the 49ers training camp by Kapernick as a safety but blew his knee out in the camp. As a kid I knew he had the potential to make it to the Nfl and in a sense he did. I really wanted to see him play.

N M says:

If we had kittle we wouldve wiped the floor with yall

Jose Ortiz says:

3:50 not a first down

Fredrick Akuamoah says:

team jerseys looks too similar for me. Too much red…

Greg Ramirez says:

Jimmy G be like: green eightTEEEEN

BoviceSON! says:

Jimmy G has the worst footwork, of any starter.

Shenaniganschalbeezy says:

1:01 did he just say circle jerk??

Money Q says:

Wow Cardinals showing so much improvement

Jay S says:

Damn Arizona is actually good!

Raphael Goodwin says:

I need boy friend


Gooooooooo cardinals. Great win 2-0 baby

Carter Billey says:

Can’t wait to see this Cardinals team the rest of the season they are dangerous.

John Smith says:

@1:02 “circle jerk McKinnon” ????

Nathan Harrison says:

Did nobody point this out? "You saw Chris Circle Jerk McKinnon…" 1:00

A Mdz says:

Till this day we still haven't gotten a answer from O'Brian why he was given away for a draft pick that was over the 40s.. I believe but in my mind somewhere in 10042nd pick for a receiver like hopkins

Holy Diver says:

"You're aweful, Mur-rayyy"

Antonio Ballester says:

“Chris “Circle Jerk” McKinnon” – 1:03

You’re welcome

Barson Raider says:

Bosa 3 games against K1 zero sacks

Leticia Proctor says:

1:40 dog: help my please

Big Slimm says:

Cardinals play washington today. They better protect the qb. That D line is pretty strong

Rexy boi says:

Circle jerk mckinnon

Clevan Campbell says:

I paused the video at 6:10. There are fake people in the seats.

Tom Diep says:

Texan fans need to force BOB out of Houston after this year.

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