Can small belly size during 3rd trimester……..-Dr. Mamatha Reddy YV

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Small belly may be due to a constitutionally small baby in an individual with a small frame work. So these babies are small for gestational age but are healthy. They need not be of any concern at all. But small baby or small belly can be seen in a large frame work individual with a large pelvis wherein the baby looks comparatively smaller frame work. But most of the times the growth is absolutely normal and it also need not be of concern. But sometimes small baby might indicate intra uterine growth restriction or reduced amniotic fluid level which is known as oligohydramnios. These two conditions guarantee immediate attention from the gynaecologist and serial scans may be required for knowing the prognosis or for treatment.


mohan abi says:

Pregnancy time belly size reduce aaguma

Sirius Black says:

29 week small belly. Worried about this

melody ralte says:

iam 32 weeks but i have a small belly

Tarannum Shahbaz Shaikh says:

Im 27 weeks pregnant now but im hving a small belly wht to do

Sheraz Mughal says:

Im…27 week mam .belly size 36 inch ….so plz bta dain …small to nhi…..

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