Buttercream Flower Series: How to Make Mums

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Learn how to pipe buttercream mums! Let Beth Somers show you tips and techniques on how to create beautiful buttercream mums to top off your cakes and cupcakes. Stay tuned to see what buttercream flowers Beth will pipe next.

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– Color-Right – http://bit.ly/1Pst9On
– Stiff Consistency Buttercream – http://bit.ly/1HwYJ70
– Lollipop Sticks – http://s.wilton.com/1XNkfOe
– Decorating bags – http://bit.ly/1laD689
– Coupler – http://bit.ly/1NTYqIe
– Tip 5 – http://bit.ly/1PsuCEe
– Tip 81 – http://bit.ly/1kfhK9q
– Flower Nail – http://bit.ly/1HgIOPC
– Pre-cut Icing Flower Making Squares – http://bit.ly/1HgJkNv

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June Richardson says:

I would like to see a ranunculus. Also how long can you store them in the freezer?

Asha Muhana says:

I can't fine wilton in indonesia

candy pixii says:

Hi! This is off topic but i want to buy ur meringue powder but it is dry egg whites? Cause sometimes i don't know what to do with do yolks after i made some white cake! Thanks

Debbie Karadeema says:

I would love to learn how to pipe poinsettias.

Nora Guckert says:

I found this technique very easy! Thanks for the tip.

Brittany Fike says:

I would love to see a tutorial on piping some beautiful lilies!

Maureen Chytil says:

looks easy

Arwa Youssef says:

does tip no 11 works the same as 81?

Sarah Johnson says:

I'd like to learn tulips or daffodils. awesome new videos! thanks!

Eats Goods says:

It would be amazing if you did roses! I always struggle with them . . .

Diana Mercer says:

Beth is the BEST instructor! I love her videos—she's so personable and the instructions are really clear. Thanks!

Lulu Mckown-Dawson says:

please show us how to make roses

Paula Andrews says:


Kimberly Siever says:

would like to know how to do poinsettia

suzie2qute says:

That is so pretty! Thank you for sharing it. What about Holiday flowers? With Christmas coming up it would be great to see something festive.

Marla Bass says:

The repetitive background "music" made me want to put my head through a wall.

BrandysBabyDolls says:

I would like to learn how to pipe succulents!

Jody Mcdavid says:

Can this also be done in whipped cream, for a lighter version?

Carol Pester says:

Love it, I love to do flowers and enjoy watching the video.

Peggy Ronk says:

Great idea to freeze the flowers before adding them to your pastry. THANK YOU!!! I have always had trouble sliding them onto my work.

Teresa Herrera says:

Gracias por enseñarnos a hacer estas maravillas.

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