Building a baby: The first two weeks

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The first few weeks of an embryo’s development are vital. Now, new techniques are allowing scientists to learn more about this crucial time than ever before.

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kyipa's beautyminati says:

I am pregnant and it hasnt even been two weeks

MAYANK Saini says:

How to take iron, calcium, zinc and vitamin supplements during pregnancy

Thiravi LG says:

Posterior grade 2upperand middle 124bpm fetal Spain right which baby 3rd trimester 29weeks 4days

cool cat says:

1:15 COOM

Brandy Alyson says:

I was expecting my period on December 26th… didnt come….. so I took two pregnancy tests yesterday and they both turned out positive. First time mommy over here. I truly hope it isn't a false positive as I feel cramping and slightly bloated in my lower abdomen.
We are so happy !

Emily Wallace says:

You're still murdering babies to study them. Disgusting. There are no ethics in science anymore!!!

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