Brock’s Belly Baby Foot! (Yes, You Can See It!)

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I could feel him kicking me pretty hard, but w/this big ol’ belly…well, I can’t actually see my belly unless I’m looking in the mirror. So along w/that, I didn’t realize that I actually caught Brock’s foot on camera through my stomach–so super freaky! I’m so stoked!



Valerie Hebert says:

@swillip48 Right, b/c you know me IRL, don’t you? Who says I’m on welfare?
Or that I’m not w/the father of my baby? Who says that I’m not working? You
don’t know me and you know NOTHING of my life, “Random” Stalker. I know who
this is or who put you up to it. Haven’t you noticed I have intentionally
not answered any of your questions/assumptions? I’m not going to either. My
life is my life, doll. My children are very loved and that’s all that
matters in this world. God is good! <3

Valerie Hebert says:

It was baby daddy’s psycho ex-girlfriend (in disguise) trying to soil the
pregnancy of my child. That’s why she commented in the first place. No
worries. And to be clear, father and I are now together. It took some time,
but we put our family back together. We’re very happy. Our baby just turned
2 in November. :)

Valerie Hebert says:

@swillip48 I approved your comment (although VERY incorrect) to reply to
you– I am not married. Where in this video or on my channel info does it
say that I am married? I am a single mother of my 3 children and I take
care of them fine. “Illegitimate” or not–sometimes life happens–it
doesn’t mean my children are any less of a blessing. My relationship status
w/my son’s father is really no one’s business–we might be together, we
might not, but trust me our son is very loved. Thanks.

SkitzChicc says:

Awww! Can’t wait til my baby starts moving like that! Love ur tatts btw. I
just hope this baby isn’t like my first, she used to put her feet in my rib
cage all the time, and it HURT!

Jessica Boyer says:

Valerie, all I can say is that BITCH is nothing shy of a RUTHLESS,
SAD EXCUSE for someone with a vagina!! That’s all she ever was to Rey
because she was good as dick sucking!! That’s it! She has no content or
moral character!! PERIOD. THE END! I HAVE SPOKEN and you know it takes a
lot for me to use fowl language but this is the NICE version

Valerie Hebert says:

@swillip48 You are now blocked from further commenting on any of my videos.
Cynthia may think she’s smart, but she isn’t. I know she is behind this
“random” commenting on my son’s video. Thank you for trying to ruin it, but
you only made yourself look like a complete asshole.

Kirsten Doane says:

UMM….am I the only 1 that couldnt see the foot?

breezeartist says:

This poor Mama to be with her gorgeous tummy posts a video to show her baby
kicking and then people start pissing and moening about her possibly having
this child out of wedlock? What the?! WHO CARES?! It’s her baby and maybe
the other parent isn’t able to be in the picture for some reason but either
way, who gives a crap so long as lil Brockie is taken care of! I’m so sorry
Brock’s Mama that you got comments like those!

bellie28 says:

wow, nice round tummy and cute bellybutton too =)

swillip48 says:

I don’t think getting purpose out of wedlock and giving birth to an
illegitimate baby is something to be bragging about. I guess I was raised
with different morals. Don’t you think your kids deserve a father in the
picture full time and not just a sperm donor? I wish your kids well but the
amount of illegitimate childbirth and women not working and just letting
welfare support is out of control. People have no shame today, and I don’t
think it’s a good thing.I wish the kids well though. Anyways.

Valerie Hebert says:

Thank you for the compliment. I appreciate it. And yes, all my babies used
my ribs like monkey bars–I know all too well. Hope your pregnancy is going
well. Take care and best wishes!

littlemisslenny13 says:

I know this is way off topic, but I’m totally digging Gold Lion playing in
the background lol! Wish I could feel that :( cute little feetsies!

Valerie Hebert says:

Yes, I adore the “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’s”…one of my fave bands. Thanks.

swillip48 says:

Congrats to you and your husband! You unfortunately see soooo much
illegitimate birth today. No morals! You can take pride that you are
married and had your kids in marriage and not illegitimately.

Valerie Hebert says:

Uh, yeah….look closer.

Julie Perez says:

Thats awesome footage to keep forever! My son just seems to be lazy I tried
the flashlight, he moves a little. Then is like ehhh whatever ill just got
back to sleep.

swillip48 says:

I don’t understand how you can be happy about illegitimate childbirth? I
don’t think it’s something to be “flaunting.” I think its irresponsible.
Whatever happened to the days when the parents were married and working?
I’m very happy both my parents were married when I was conceived and born.
I wish your kids luck, I just was raised with different morals. Type in on
YT “multiple bastards by multiple bums” and watch the video. It just shows
where America’s morals have gone.

bestiswas says:

Aw, how cute 😉

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