Breastfeeding How To

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Questions about breastfeeding? NYU Langone Medical Center Experts review steps to help you increase your breastfeeding skills and confidence.

Find more information and support for new and expecting parents:


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these comments on this video are truly disturbing. from people sexualizing something that’s natural and pure down to people saying it’s disgusting are so immature and clearly lack the knowledge. i don’t care what you do in your free time but when you comment on a video that’s educational and not meant to hurt or please anyone in other ways, that’s when it crosses a line of disrespect. grow some sense into your head and open your eyes that what you’re saying can be affecting more than one person.

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My friend told me a story

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Nate Krieger says:

The Mommy in the Tank Top…What Specific Brand of Diaper does the Mommy use on Her Beautiful Baby?!

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Jerry Jefferson says:


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How is this not talked down!?

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Nole the Gamer says:

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