Breakfast Ideas for Toddler & Baby!

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Need some snack ideas for your kiddos?

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Lvid Rvid says:

How old is the "baby" eating this?

Amie Laurie Von Labado says: your new subscriber

Lakshmi Reddy M says:

l like your videos

Farhiya Ahmed says:

My baby hates eggs

Cheyenne Stefoniuk says:

I am loving loving your channel your amazing great tips n ideas can you do a video of on the go snacks you do for your kids like going to the park or the beach or if you go out to places for a few hours need ideas

Dee Low says:

you could try almondmilk or any other non dairy , it combines better with fruit (fruit and dairy conflict) and is healthy

Monse Sanchez Hewett says:

I don’t see how your channel wasn’t blowing up at this point because your videos have always been so put together and amazing!!!

Namrata Gupta says:

This is for how much old baby?

Potato Hamilton says:

im not even a mom.. why am i here?

Soto Bear says:

Absolutely love your ideas! Easy instructions. And very healthy for my lil princess. Ty

Shy Johnson says:

I love this thank you!

daling longlong says:

I like that

Itzamara Perez says:

Love love it

MissCarolineKay says:

Wow thank you so much very helpful

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