Boba Wrap Classic Baby Carrier – HOW TO Use/Tie and Review

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In this video I show you how to tie the Boba brand baby carrier wrap to carry your infant. I also give a review of the product and it’s features. I chose the Boba wrap because of it’s price point. Please leave any questions in the comments section. Thanks!


Daniela Muente (Mu) says:

I tried this position today with my 1 month old baby and she seemed uncomfortable. She is around 8 pounds, and I was thinking maybe not good to have her legs that open? Should I stay with the newborn position for now?

Maiya S says:

Great vid. Quick question: my little bub (6 weeks, 10lb) seems to slide to the side (under the panel and toward my armpit) after a while, so I end up having to support her with one arm, which leaves me with only one arm free. A trip to the grocery is exhausting enough – can't imagine a 3 hour hike. What am I doing wrong?

Patricia Contreras says:

How long is the fabric?

Brian Annis says:

you talk too much.

Liine lly says:

thank you for this :)

Sam Ashim says:

your baby is SO cute! making adorable sounds!

Lorena Castañeda Bueno says:

thank you so much!

Luminary says:

2nd video I watched and baby in it seems to always be fussy or crying.

Misty Cohen says:

I agree that this is so much more helpful than the Boba official videos. I tried to follow along with theirs, and since it didn't look right I tested out a stuffed animal before putting my baby in it. She would have fallen straight through the bottom. I got it in the first try using your video. Thank you!! Not sure she likes it tho, she started crying after only 5 mins of being in it lol.

Shawna Braun says:

I was doing this so wrong, I couldn't figure it out lol. My 2 month old hates it though, she doesn't like being the snuggled up, she loves facing outward when I hold her in my arms. I haven't figured out how to do let her legs dangle like that, going to try it once she wakes up form her nap, hoping after seeing this video I can figure it out. I always get tangled up in it when trying to put it on!


Can you nurse the baby while on boba wrap?

Liz Sprinkle says:

Did you say this is thicker than the moby?? I'm borrowing a moby from a friend to make sure my little one likes it and looking now to buy my own but the boba is the same concept. The moby is pretty much all cotton. And is a little thicker than a regular old cotton tshirt 

Mamaof6+ says:

Can you breast feed easily using this wrap?

Mia Randazzo says:

Does this make your back hurt? My fiance and I both have back issues and the carrier we have hurts so bad to wear, it's just like a basic soft front carrier, was wondering if you thought that this would be good for someone with a sensative back? 

Rhea S says:

My LO is almost 3weeks old, he was born at 8Ibs 2Oz, should he still be in newborn position? I just got a boba and will start baby wearing around our place and outside?

Jennifer Grant says:

Thank you! Much better than the official videos. I kept watching them and scratching my head. You made it easy to understand how to wrap and use it. :)

Rhyan Holmes says:

So I have quite the wiggler… she loves being in it, but wiggles so much it starts sliding around and loosening up. Then i have to pull her out and start all over. I've tried tightening it but then its too tight to put her in… any suggestions on how i can fix this?

Tiffani Combs says:

When I put my baby in, the shoulders are so close to her neck. and they are close to mine. Every time I try to pull them down over my shoulders, it slips up close to my neck. Any suggestions?

Elmo Rosa says:

Do you ever get really hot in it? Or does the baby? I'm due in May and really would love to order one at target but I'm worried I'll get to hot in it or baby will.

Jessica Iaquilino says:

I had the worst time with some of those other types of carriers with my first but was scared to try a wrap, could it really work and how on earth did it wrap, but this just made me super confident I can do it! Second kid on the way and I have the exact same wrap that you used in vid, thank you!

Corina Chamberlain says:

More helpful than the videos ftom boba!!

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