Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks – SNL

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Contestants Keeley (Sasheer Zamata), Shanice (Leslie Jones) and Doug (Tom Hanks) compete on Black Jeopardy, hosted by Darnell Hayes (Kenan Thompson).

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bluescluessuperagent says:

so is Keeley not skinny?

The Bodhisattva's Tunes says:

Liberals find this Funny? Hahahahaha! That is one of the most Racist skits ever. But, Blacks can't be Racist, Right? Right.

Ubserd305MC says:

one of the best and skits in a while

Kaydn Burns says:

The only difference between the redneck and the black folks is that the redneck doesnt steal and go around shooting people for fun and "respect". Lets be real here people.

LimitedSpartan says:

I actually love how they really embodied the fact that rednecks and African Americans culturally do share more then we realize.

Christian Calle says:

it doesn't matter about color or race its all about the struggle.

kathleen smith says:

Blacks have been abused for centuries and now the lower and middle class whites are starting to get treated just like them.

Kwame Jackson says:

funniest one yet i'm so weak!!!!

Nino White says:

I'm whiter than an albino but compared to SNL's Black Cast members I'm a zimbabwe tribal chief.

Tommy Fyfe says:

The fat one from Keenan n Kel. Haha, no way.

Mike Maratta says:

THIS is GOOD snl writing..which is rare nowadays. we are not all so different

ytsu12 says:

Finally something from SNL that is funny AF!

Oliver Gutierrez says:

People in the struggle are not much different from one another, both have to pay rent , go to work, and kids to take care of but sadly It's all about divide and conquer.

Galilee1964 says:

I did the math.  Going into Final Jeopardy the score would be Doug $1,800, Keeley would have $1,400 and Shanice would have $800.00.

Dor fuller says:

The point is we are able to overcome our obstacles and take a breather and laugh. We still GETTING ONNN… AMEN!

Tom Saunders says:

Possibility forever oppose finally snow Christmas trust guy.

fatz joe says:

SNL.people is not real don't be retard.

jayfitch22 says:

I think they're finally getting it!! Still somewhat "leftist liberal" at the end with the "BLM" garbage but realizing and showing that Americans are not as divided and or racist as the liberal lefties make us out to be…way to go SNL!!

PiCheZvara says:

Sasheer is a beauty. Damn.

Kidus Anteneh says:

the one time I like nbc

Jeff Sorensen says:

I'm sorry, but Tom Hanks dropping his buzzer and being scared was perfect. I was already gasping for air, but that really nailed it.

Drizzy Dilly says:

Funny how this video put in the presidential election hinting at Tom saying that the media always knows who's gonna win before it happens. GUESS WHAT? THEY DIDN'T. MAGA

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