Bitty Baby Autumn goes to the American Girl Doll Hospital

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I’ve decided to send my Pleasant Company Bitty Baby, Autumn, to the American Girl Doll Hospital for a new body. Here is a feeding and changing video, before she gets boxed up to go to the doll hospital. :-)

Oh, and at one point I said I bought a onesie at Toys-R-Us, but it was actually from Target, I apologize. :-)

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fa q says:

It doesn't even eat what is that about

Fatma Çetin says:

Ya hu bu ne ya diyeceğiniz bir şey bu hem gerçek yemek pişiriyo hem de şakadan yediriyo 

Brianna Greenlee says:

Where did you get the 1sy and diper

Jacaia Anderson says:

People are wasting food and time cooking for dolls that can't eat.

Eugenia Peralta says:

it's fake

wdavis72 says:

My does the same

D Fields says:

For disney

Adrianyte Adriana says:

she is not eating or drincing

Anastasiia Gavrilova says:

those "baby" noses are very annoying

Rauf abishov says:

Barbie. Turkce. Oyuncakları

Madison Anderson says:

for me ha

Madison Anderson says:

subscribe please

Olivia Childress says:

soooo cute!!

Jules Harrell says:

Why do you do this

Estefania Rodriguez says:

jjhcgkjhloglñjrd ggoilbglllkbfhjghjhmkkmmmm


Tomas Lobos says:

tu te comes la comida

Ziyad Ali says:

كتير عجبني

Lupu Nadina says:

mamamca adevarat

Kitaki george says:

Nezia howell she is the one eating it watch it again

Brooklynn Little says:

Do a face revel plzzzzz

Eislen juliana Pinzon Aramiz says:

perdon eso es una muñeca o una bebe si puedes me mandas el nombre en español

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