BIRTH VLOG! 👶🏼*Raw & Real* Labor & Delivery Of Our First Baby!

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We finally did it! Baby girl is here. ✨💗

► BIRTH STORY…coming soon
I realize there are some gaps in the birth vlog, I tried to fill in the holes but it was a crazy day (and a crazy past 2 weeks)! Thank you so much for joining in on our journey so far xoxo

Finding Out I’m Pregnant:
Telling Our Family We’re Pregnant:
Telling My Friends I’m Pregnant:
First Trimester Update:
Second Trimester Update:
Postpartum Haul:
What’s In My Hospital Bag:
Nursery Tour:

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Melissa Gonzalez says:

Also so sad that they were cutting her and she felt ripping, the position she was in makes you the most prone to ripping, makes it harder to push and delays delivery pretty significantly, especially if you stay like that the whole time. Getting on all fours or a standing squat, or shifting between different positions to find the one that feels best could have made her delivery faster, less painful and avoided tearing. Doctors would rather cut you open, which is absolutely mind boggling that that's even a thing. It's more convenient for them to have you in that uncomfortable position so they can intervene as much as possible in order to speed things up and move onto the next one. I feel bad her birth was treated like a medical emergency she wasn't capable of naturally achieving on her own, instead of something she was built to do. I hope the way hospitals and women see and treat birth changes because I feel like so much pain, discomfort, intervention, drugs and stress could have been avoided, so many parts were just straight up sad knowing it could have easily been different for her.

Melissa Gonzalez says:

it was so sad when she said "I can't", not believing in herself or feeling confident that her body was made for this likely made the pain worse and the delivery longer

Manshee Singh says:

What's that song??

Gentjana Hoxha says:

I just found out that I am pregnant and then I saw this video.
I am scared….

Amanda More says:

This sounds strange but im glad i've had all the 4 babies ive had cause this would of scared the crap out of me if i was pregnant now with my first, i remember that pushing feeling all too well. felt like a bowling ball was stuck in me.

Lux Meow says:

LM FAO, the guy just stands there. Was he traumatized or what is going on here. lol It's my turn in a few months. My God, this makes me want to start kegels (heard they make labor go a lot easier the stronger your muscles for pushing baby out).

Mia Gudo says:

Dilevery kitne hafton bad hoi

Arielle Carver says:

You did amazing! This was really informative for me. I am considering going into the field of obstetrics when I’m older

semaj mill says:

Is it weird that sense I broke my arm I fell like it's a baby and be. Careful

Mrs G says:

Did the midwife do an episiotomy????

Savannah Moser says:

I’m 35 weeks and I can’t stop crying watching this

Lilly Rain says:

You did fkin amazing!!!! And I know your baby is here and safe but those midwives were terrible! I was screaming at my screen for them to give you more, give you more support, enthusiasm just uplift the vibes and tell you you’re a superstar. That’s the job these guys were dull and Honestly if you have better ones it would’ve been much easier and smoother delivery I reckon

Ekaterina savinova says:

Какое доброе отношение к женщине, врачи молодцы. Улыбаются не кричат, не прокалывают раньше времени пузырей и не ускоряют роды.

Marsha DuBeau says:

This husband is not very engaged?!

Abbie’s Wrld says:

I was a c section and WHEW was i a huge baby. My mom shows me pictures all the time from when she was pregnant.

TheDuchessClub says:

I am preparing to have our 5th child and the journey still feels new. I know what to expect but I am anxiously awaiting for this moment. Almost there. Beautiful video.

Marta Tasic says:

5:54 her hand

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