Beyond Scared Straight: Pregnancy Advice for a Female Teen (S9, E1) | A&E

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An inmate and a corrections officer talk with a teen about the realities of pregnancy in this scene from “Fulton County, GA: Wasted Time.”

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Beyond Scared Straight
Season 9
Episode 1
Fulton County, GA: Wasted Time

“Beyond Scared Straight” follows derailed, defiant, and disrespectful teens who are forced to spend a day in jail with convicted felons to experience life behind bars.

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The a and p show says:

if someone gets in your face and they care about you and they don't even know you that tells you that God put you in that position to change the world and change your lifestyle

Hugo Hernandez says:

this made me feel bad for her

I swear Im all that says:

nadedge is the most kind officer so far o-0

Kade CHRISTIE says:

did use see that girl at 1:04

Alisha Rivera says:

she's right she's trying to remember things❤

xxxblasted77 aka Sonic Pressure says:


Tyrel Steele says:

Lady no everything thag

Skyy Sepulveda says:

Um did she say the baby comes out the butt?

Crystal Reed says:

I can't see how these teens want to have babies. That's ridiculous.

Lamaria Brown says:

I wanna go there

Chloe Smith says:

I find that the officers in this episode are much nicer than officers in other episodes..

jelly time says:

Omg she got so mad cause tyreek stressing her tf out she is a pretty girl she don't need drama in her life

Julia Walmsley says:

I just realized that the female prisons aren't as tough a loud

CSX2665 says:

am i the only 1 who hears the train blowing its horn, inside the prison xD

Mikaya Whitaker says:

At the end of the show she announces that she wasn't even pregnant…make sure the daddy is alright and his life ain't messed up before you lay up and mess with him. What if she actually was pregnant now you gotta explain to your baby and everyone else why the daddy ain't there cuz you don't know when he getting out of jail

jaystorm1093 says:

Straight out the butts lol. Woow

Sarahnessoyeah says:

"You ain't gotta be afraid of nobody" It's called Beyond Scared Straight…

Beauty_xoxo19 naeemiah says:

First one to comment third time

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