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Stretch marks removal
There is no ‘best method’ for stretch mark removal. This synopsis gives you an insight into ways to reduce stretch marks. To date Stratamark is the only proven scientific cream to reduce stretchmarks. Prevention of stretchmarks and early treatment by far gives the best results.

Vitamin E is another effective element in protecting and healing the skin of stretch marks. There are actually four different types of Vitamin E.The best Vitamin E to use for stretch marks is alpha-tocopherol. Vitamin E works its way out from deep within the skin repairing it layer by layer and replacing it with new fresh skin cells.

A good Youtube clip on HOW TO GET RID OF STRETCH MARKS FAST can be found on the link below. Halo92599 uses a combination of Aloe Vera to Stop and Reduce Stretch Marks, as well ad DL Penthenol to Heal and Eliminate Stretch Mark Scars. Both of these products are side to help heal the skin faster after microneedling or skin rolling. DL-Penthenol also works on helping damaged skin cells, and stimulates growth factors for new skin cells. Blinded and controlled studies are needed to really endorse this treatment, but I cannot deny it worked in this case report.

Stretch marks are very common and occur in over 80% of pregnancy. They can occur during growth spurts such as in changes in weight. There are many treatments that are said to treat stretch marks, however in reality only a few treatments work. Over the years, most Speicalists have moved away from fractional laser devices such as Fraxel, Profractional and fractional CO2 resurfacing, and have started to use energy based radiofrequency micro-needling devices. The best and latest as of 2017 is a INFINI- a machine made by Lutronic. Infini spares the skin, and treats the dermal layers, resulting in faster healing times. This is my favourite combination for old stretch marks- Infini, Stratamed for healing, Stratamark till the next treatment 4 weeks later. 3-4 sessions, and most patients get up to 50% improvement in old stretch marks. For red, new stretchmarks, the combination of V BEAM laser and Stratamark can improve stretchmarks by 70-80% after 3-4 sessions, again spaced 2-4 weeks apart.

In fact, skin rolling or derma rollers can be considered as generation one micro-needling- invented nearly two decades ago. Micro-needling and skin rolling work by providing channels of tiny needles that penetrate in to the middle layers of the skin- called the dermal layer. This is a form of non-laser fractional resurfacing. Controlled damage and disruption to the dermal layer remodels stretch marks and scar tissue, and over several treatments, stretch marks start to improve, especially if combined with Stratamark. Will make this DIY video next few months.

INFINI is the very latest in microneedling, skin needling devices as it is a forth generation machine. It uses microneedles and delivers it to a depth that can be adjusted from 0.1 mm all the way to 3.5 mm. Energy dwell time and levels can also be adjusted. This energy delivery system is unique, as it uses insulated needles. This is the key to the tremendous success of this machine over the rest- insulation provides added safety to the upper layers of the skin, and also concentrates energy levels to where they are needed- in the mid layers of the skin where stretch marks lie.

Other products to try on stretchmarks that have no science but case reports include the following- For smoothing out and preventing stretch marks you can benefit from Grapefruit Seed Extract. Itby WaysandHow

In summary, the key to removing stretch marks is persistence and science. The best methods involved energy delivered radiofrequency combined with Stratamark, however home methods using a combination of Stratamark, Vitamin A, Retinol, Squalene oil, Vitamin E, and grapefruit abstract coupled with 0.5 mm dermaroller can provide safe and partially effective treatments that may work.

Dr Davin Lim
Laser and aesthetic dermatologist,
Brisbane, Australia.


KDivinefem30 says:

Good Lord you can treat my stretch marks anytime I'm sorry I was trying to watch this video but I could not help but notice how handsome you are

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Where is your clinic I want to remove my stretch mark

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Where can i get some am in dubai pls

Paije Montoya says:

My stretch marks are almsot 4 years old but they are still purple-ish but they are shrinking but they still have pigment but are SLIGHTLY white. Which treatment should i do? I got them when i was 9 and im 14 now i want to be in the acting industry but my stretch marks are everywhere. Shins, feet, hips, thighs, stomach, knees, arms. Everywhere due from heavy doses of predisone.

bhuvana R says:

Less talk, work more

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Best, no-BS information on the internet. Thank you.

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Do natural popular stretch mark erase secrets like Femalix Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? We have noticed many amazing things about this popular stretch mark erase method.

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As expert, I think Femalix Secrets is good way to completely remove your stretch mark naturally. Why don't you give it a chance? perhaps it is going to work for you too.

Halo Visser says:

Can derma rolling at home help with old stretch marks?

Sarah De Roose says:

Can these treatments be done on a very dark skin type?

Marie Hernandez says:

Hi Dr Lim! Can you microneedle/derma roll very new stretch marks? thank you!

Siddharth Goel says:

Should i go for Stratamark or Strataderm ?

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It can be used both male or female

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Can these treatments be done while pregnant or breastfeeding? thanks

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