Best Babies Laughing Video Compilation 2015

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There is nothing more sweet and pure than the laughter of a baby.

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Jaleah Allen says:

life is simple

Santos Jezebel says:

if this doesnt make you smile then there has to be something wrong with your brain

Kapil Bhandari says:

messi is better then ronaldo ₩*;::

Kapil Bhandari says:

messi is better then ronaldo

Kapil Bhandari says:

g6uguvjhuguufhf jvgkc i dont know what to say

Danielle Botdorf says:

The baby laughing at the paper is just adorable

michelle anne greffel says:

McLean. A rzWzEZDFS. Xewccz. Rwdwcs

misty ronsonet says:

I love did baby so much THIS IS SO CUTE

Narcysa&Natalia Galindo says:

The 5 and the 6 one is are funny

Rolo_Pnuts3898 Ps4 says:

1:20 3:06 what happens when mom leaves dad alone with the baby for the day!

Submindhere says:

fuck laughing babies

Safwaan Patel says:

soooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuute

Luigi Trash says:

1:18 Who else laughed with the baby?

Sarahh says:

masha'allah so cute.

Zinla best vine Browne says:

there not laughing for nothing any ways it's creeping me out and there laughing like young adults to me.

Zinla best vine Browne says:

This is kind of were tho and cute and there making them laugh .

Great Nan says:

It makes me laugh so much :)

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