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Abdominal stretches are easy to perform exercises. These exercises are usually performed for two sets of muscles: rectus abdominal and oblique muscles. Exercise 1: While lying down facing the floor, inhale deeply and bring your hands in front of you. Now rising up, exhale. This exercise should be performed 2 to 3 times. Exercise 2: Standing erect, keep your feet apart. Raising your hands up, turn your body to one side. The moment you turn to a side, you will feel the stretch on the other side of the body. Hold for three counts and come back to normal position.
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Xyz says:

Pls answer can do this excercise after c section

Padmashree Saraf says:

After c-section from how many days we have leave gap and start the exercise


Mam nice video…… I m Pearl….. For my delivery now 7months became can you tell deit n exercise…. I m breastfeeding mother…. Please mam reply me please my wait is around 80kg…. Please reply me

Asim Raza says:

Kindly tell me afer c section

Chakala Madhusudhana says:

Madam please tel ceserian after how to do exexcise


But it's not use for cesarian delivery

Ujwala Ingale says:

Mera 5 jan ko c section hua hai ..mao kab se exercise shuru kru

Vijaya Yashwanth says:

After delivery how many days after to this exercise

thanu sri says:

Ofter delivery when do the exercise for good health

Ali Usman says:

Delivery kitne din bad hum excersice kr skty hain plz help?

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