BELLY PROGRESSION! From 5 to 36 weeks pregnant with Baby Nate

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Hey Everyone!
I put together a belly progression video! Watch my belly grow from 5 to 36 weeks pregnant!
Nathaniel John was born on September 3rd 2015 at 36 weeks 5 days gestation. He is doing great so far! I love him more than words can describe.
I will be posting my birth story soon just need to take the time to sit down and record it, it will definitely be an emotional video so hopefully it won’t be too choppy! Stay tuned :)
Thanks so much for all the comments and congratulations, I appreciate all the support. Love you guys! xox
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Song used in video: Anything like me – by Brad Paisley


Mariayma Warner says:

He has the same Birthday as me

xxcrazysimmerxx Love Sims says:

I was born at 6:01 pm too!!!!

imateenkangaroo says:

Dayyuum! That's so sick!

Mary Gail hurst says:

I literally just cried watching this lol. 13 weeks pregnant with 3rd.

Olivia Lichtle says:

Love this!! Love the song choice!!

Ajanae Tyner says:

Happy First Nathaniel!!

Litzy Tenorio says:

Happy early birthday ur birthday is tomorow ur officially 1 years old at 6:01 cutie happy birthday have the best 1st birthday you can have

Kristen Meyersick says:

This is so cute I know I'm way too young now but I can't wait!!!

Good Karma Foundation Nepal says:

thanks for sharing .

Good Karma Foundation Nepal says:

thanks for sharing .

lenka lukáčová says:

sweet video ♥♥♥ cheers from slovakia ! …. ♥♥♥

Dame Lia Knightridge says:

Where do you get all your trousers from? they look soooooo comfy and hug the hips nicely.

Melissa Jensen says:

Very cute video

Anna G says:

Even though I'm to young to have a child I really want to be Pregnant and welcome a baby into the world that's is mine and I love him/her forever and ever

Krystal Games says:

He's a tiny little bundle! Haha, I'm sure you're great parents.

Jeff Cruz says:

your baby looks amazing congratulations! I love te music too

Laura Marija Rinkevičiūtė says:

he is so tiny….


What did you do to prevent stretchmarks? Your belly looks perfect!

Caressa Dailey says:

I am currently 2 weeks I'm so excited!!

Amazing Artist says:

Awww so cute love him lol

farah Ziani says:


farah Ziani says:


Cerys Horan says:

Awe he's so cute! Congratulations❤️❤️

Manusha Golaram says:

cute bully

mercedes powell says:

I'm a teen momma to be and I was no small girl so I showed early

Amy Bratomi says:


Chloe McEntire says:

he is a doll

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