Belly movement,20 weeks 6 days, VERY QUICK!

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please read! u might want to enlarge the screen for this!our baby boy moving, as u look at the vid its at the top of my belly button just after 14 seconds just like a little ‘pooof’ pushing out, i had lots of little quivers too but not sure if u can differenciate between them and my breathing like i can, hope u can spot this first movement =)


Thanga Selvi Kasinathan says:

How is that u don’t have any stretch marks? Can you please tell

Umbigo Redondo says:

linda amiga

Umbumgo Family Vlogs says:

he is adorable isn't he and growing up so fast!

Joanne Brown says:

omg your little one is adoreable!!

Alex Cervantes says:

Awww! Was that Franki saying "its movin'"! You have such a beautiful family thanks for sharing them with us!!!

Vampy Candy says:

aww how cute , i love when siblings get so excited when they see it :)

Ivana Mendez says:

I saw it just below the belly button! How exciting! Franki is so adorable!

Our Hearts 2 Home says:

sooo exciting!! :)

Sarah-Jane Kerr says:

Awwww!!!! I love it when you can start seein movement from outside your belly 😀 so very special!! Do you think you will have anymore bubbies??? If not documentation is very important 😛 xx

ModernWife says:

this was so great! my favourite part was franki's reaction! :)

Makinafamily says:

Aw so cute <3
I miss the feeling of baby moving and kicking so special, Love Franki bless him.. xx

bob builder says:

my boy kicks like crazy but when i get my camara out to record it he always stops lol

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