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This was our first time doing a belly cast. I really wanted to do a belly cast with my first pregnancy but it didn’t happen. This was quite the experience especially with a toddler helping, but I am so glad we did it and were able to record this memory as well. Hope you guys enjoy this video! :)


ziza j says:


Indra sri shantha Abeysinghe says:

what was the material you used for fabric to make sticky

The Porter Homestead says:

Thanks for more videos for my 2 year old to watch.

anticattt says:

Too cute!

Jones Family Travels says:

We never did one of these but it looks cool! #ytmm

mattandemm says:

How fun! Do you have any plans to paint it or decorate it in anyway?

Fanny Pervychine says:

Kassiyan is so cute, trying to help you :)

AnieNiusika says:

This is so cool. I really like the idea but I'm not sure I'll be able to do a belly cast one day. I don't have much space so I can keep it and it must be very fragile.

GemmaTimes says:

I have never done one of these. They look fun but I don't know what I would do with the cast afterwards lol

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