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Immortalize your pregnancy with a three – dimentional plaster sculpture.
We use Pearhead belly casting kit ordered from Amazon
it includes:
-plastic drop cloth
-sanding paper
-a pair of non latex gloves
-5 no mess plaster tape
-and lubricant

You will also need scissors and a bowl of warm water

First put your gloves on and get to cutting the plaster in desired length.

Small strips about 8 in for breast area
Medium strips about 11 in for upper and lover belly
and Large strips about 19 in for mid belly

Set the cut strips into 3 piles based on their length

Prepare your working place
Cover the area you will be working as it might get pretty messy

Then prepare the Mom-to-be:
Remind her to use the bathroom
and make sure she has water, candies or anything she might need.

Let her stay, sit or lay down in her most comfortable position, as the process will take about an hour.

Rub the lubricant gently on all the areas you will be casting.

Once lubricated dip plaster strips in warm water and start applying them one by one, smoothing as you go along. Overlap the layers in different directions so the cast will be steadier

Don’t rush but work quickly. Baby may change its position in the belly, or mom may need to move a little and this will slightly damage the cast.
Apply 3 to 4 layers so its strong enough once dry

When you are done simply let it stay for about 5 mins on the body till its dry enough to separate from the belly.

Handle it carefully, place it on flat surface and let it dry for at least 24 hours

Once the cast has cured, you can smooth off any areas with sanding paper

Now your belly cast is ready for display or any decoration idea you might have.

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Did you measure the mommie before cutting into sections? If so what areas did you measure?

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