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Doug and Glen had always talked about starting a family and after about eight years together the pair decided to fulfill that dream and adopt their first child.

For Doug and Glen, the journey to becoming first-time dads was a roller coaster ride filled with highs and lows, but they wouldn’t have it any other way! Watch their story unfold in the video above.

What was your life like before and after baby? Tell us in the comments below.

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Madison Wilder says:

Why would the kid have two fathers? so lame but i like the video

daisyladii says:

So beautiful!!

Mya Mendoza says:

Aww such a cute baby!!And wonderful,parents…I really want to hug baby Sean,

Valentina Nesteryuk says:

Not trying to be rude but, to all of you who are gay or lesbian, please stop asking the birth-moms for babies! Either stop asking or stop being gay and lesbian. I don't like gays and lesbians but I won't judge. Peace.

Mary Jarrett says:

<3 What a beautiful family!

Meriah Attikai-Marks says:

Look at 1.02

Janet Vera says:

so beautiful .. this touch my heart!! they are doing an amazing job!!! and thats rights!! you dont learn to be parent in just one day!! the baby looks so healthy and happy! congrats!!

Sydney Wagner says:

at first that was sad when the first baby and then shone came :]

Biankita 8 says:

beautiful beautiful,, tears..!!!

marshal is hella smol says:

omg this is literally the sweetest thing ever

Ashley Roggow says:

it doesn't matter who the parents are. it just matters that the child is loved. and it looks like these 2 are wonderful and loving parents. congrats to them and their new little family! Lots of ❤

Cheshire- Smile says:

This is beyond Amazing!!! As someone from a same sex marriage & parent of two… it wont be an easy road but every second is well worth it.
I wish these parents & all others out there the very best in this crazy journey called parenthood.

Choua Lee says:

Aw baby is super cute! Such a happy family.

Brittany J says:

That was so beautiful do happy 4 those 2! :)

Lynn Hasegawa says:

So happy for you! Such a beautiful, loving family! Congratulations & Best wishes!

purplebugdede says:

I've seen this ad, had to look for it to watch it again.

The Loveablebritbrat says:

This is so beautiful!!

Vaneza Mohead says:

What a beautiful story! Truly happy for your family, congratulations.

arturo arellano says:

they are gay

Jamila Said says:

The baby is so Cuteee!!

Kristi Hoffmaster says:

I"m adopted, and your story / this video brings me so much joy. Much love and happiness to the 3 of you always!

Johnnie Silfies says:

So awesome and there baby is soooo cute

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