Beauty Tips With My Mum & Grandma | Niomi Smart

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Beauty advice from 3 generations! A casual chat about skincare, makeup and hair.
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‘A Summer’s Day’

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Thank you to my mum and grandma for filming this video with me!

This video is NOT sponsored and all opinions are my own. Affiliate links may be used above.


Asuka Sheridan says:

You're mum and nan seem so nice:) cool video☺️

YSLglammkh says:

I honestly love this sooooo much! Your mum and grandmum are gorgeous. xx

Courtstard says:

Why did u and Marcus brake up!?? I saw it on Twitter this has broken me..:(

Selina Loh says:

My mother said to me long ago that I should start protecting and moisturise my skin at a young age to keep healthy skin. I remember that when my mum bought my first cleansing set was like about £65 – from Clinique – and that she also said that when u do protect your skin it is very expensive.

Danielle Lee says:

You have such a beautiful family, your grandma doesn't look 70 and your mum looks young enough to be your sister

Hafsa Uddin says:

Wow your mum looks soooooo young

Oracle Sun says:

OMG you all look amazing!!!!!.

Ssandora P. says:

WOAH your mum is STUNNING… so gorgeous

MA AD says:

What a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing.

Matilda Isaacs says:

Omg when I saw the title and the thumbnail I was like "weres your mum and grandma then ?" They both look so young and healthy ! Her mum looks old enough to be her sister and her grandma could be her mum !

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