Beautiful Pregnant Belly Henna Art! Temporary Henna Tattoo Designed by the Whole Family!! March 5th

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We had some Henna art done on Julie’s Big pregnant belly and we love it! Thank you to Nicole of Ooh La La Henna of Spokane. She did an amazing job and made sure to include the whole family. If you are in the Spokane area and looking for a fantastic henna artist check out her Facebook page:
Sending lots of love!!

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Alex Dilts says:

You have a beautiful pregnantbelly with stretchmarks

Jody Smith says:

I think the Hena art turned out very awsome I love the idea of handprints your friend Jody Smith!!!!

Pegascon Company says:

It is beautiful and cool.
I liked and subscribed.
I am looking forward to next work.


Might be twins who knows?

cualquiercosaax says:

that belly is so fcking sexy FAP!

Randomly Jess says:

That artwork is very cool! :) I wish I had thought of something like that with at least one of mine! Hopefully, we will be meeting baby soon!

Megan Johnson says:

if I could double like this I would, I am only partway through, but had to say, I loved, loved the handprints.

Allie T says:

So exciting waiting for baby! I don’t know why but I think it’s a girl!

Philip Wooby says:

Cool art work! I totally dig it! Come on lil one we're all waiting on you! ✌ &❤

How Our Garden Grows says:

I hope your body is doing all of the hard work now, so baby will come super fast when it’s go time!! You are so right about the hospital birth protocol. I think the waiting is so much harder with homebirth, but all of us homebirthers know it is so worth it!! May baby come peacefully into your arms soon! Sending ❤️

Barbara Trice says:

Praying for a baby soon!!!! I’m just beside myself with anticipation!!!!!!

Jennifer Paul says:

I hope the baby comes today, then we could share a birthday!!! Love watching your precious family!!! Prayers for a safe and easy delivery. Love the tattoo idea also!

Marcy Tsan says:

love it! sending love

John Black says:

Nice Henna Art.

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