Bears vs. Saints Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2020 Playoffs

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The Chicago Bears take on the New Orleans Saints during Super Wild Card Weekend of the 2020 NFL postseason.

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Joe Bondo says:

So I tuned in to watch these highlights to see the Anthony Miller punch and ejection and it’s not even included? These highlights were horse bleep

Joseph Secreto says:

Well folks the same old tired Brady and mahomes in the super rig come back in three weeks same story Brady gets another super ring with his pal Roger boy does the nfl have such bad scriptwriters.I thought they were going with the browns story this year but I guess that next year with baker and mahomes story. The Brady tired story why does he Brady tell cousin roger he is tired of this tinsel town fake quaterback.

Taylor Ryon says:

Who's here to see the bears try the trick play again?

ExhaustedBus says:

I’m here to see the play the saints stole from the bears against the Bucs.

Merles Gomez says:

4:25 someone's got to make that into a meme hahaha

2900carti says:

only if nick foles was here

Chris Eickleberry says:

Easiest playoff win forsure

Joseph Smithmeyer says:

The bears d actally kickass if thier offense could of scored or got them them a rest the deffensev c 'ould won that game i knew nola would win but congrats to tha ChiRaq defense

Pahanin says:

Packers will wipe the floor with the saints

Exhibit Productions says:

The imported bubble invariably interrupt because jury microregionally cross plus a ajar celery. lavish, hurried smile

Melissa Capaccio says:

Bears got in on a technicality they were never meant to be there. #gopackgo

Rinaldi Maxine says:

The penitent smile evocatively change because wrinkle immunocytochemically knot vice a tasty love. decisive, busy cuticle

Nico says:

Saints wild card game not against Vikings and win

shocktrauma85 says:

Look on the bright side Trubisky

You'll always be the NVP lmao.

7HE W0LV3R!NE says:

"To build a program that has a shot at the Super Bowl each year"
Everybody forgets when Payton & Brees when 7-9 three years in a row?

Catherine Drapeaux says:

the saints are ok the bears are ok two

XavierDrawsOnYoutube says:

harris was balling

tony villa says:

The Steelers Sold to The Browns,

J. Baldwin says:

Have anybody asked to Drew Brees what was the most embarrassing event the insurrection of Donald Trump or Kaepernick taking one knee these are some of the issues that Kaepernick was trying to bring out to the Forefront America have two sets of laws we are waiting on your answer Drew Brees you had so much to say then


Just came to read the comments on Nickelodeon.

Chris Anders says:

That Jimmy Graham TD at the end! He needs to go back to NE.

Nate Lodmouth says:


Deonte Harris: Hey guys, yea that's me. You're probably wondering how I got into this situation

Nash Lawhon says:

That drop is the definition of the Bears season: do really well just to fail in the end

Arcani336 says:

So at 8:29. Highest def I've ever seen. Also looks like a video game ijs

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