Basic Chicken & Apple baby food recipe

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Chicken and apple are a wonderful healthy baby food recipe for your little one. Simple and easy. Chicken is high in protein and iron. Very delicate in taste and easy to be digested by a little tummy. That’s why it is very often recommended to be a baby’s first meat starting from 7/8 months.
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jenny calonges says:

can i just boil the chicken and apple if i don't have a steamer

rosy yusuf says:

Thank you my baby likes ur recipes

Afro Mío says:

Ciao!! You think can i do the same with turkey? I have turkey and looking a receipe for my almost 9 month baby :) Grazie Im learning a lot with you!

kewluae says:

hi again, what do you do with the food if you want to go out? how you pack it and present it to your baby specially if its meat, chicken or fish food?

mostafa abdo says:

as a pediatric doctor in Egypt i found this channel very helpful and i recommend it for all mothers … has a scientific base and very healthy for infants ……….thank you and go on …….you have anew fans in egypt

Vincenzos Plate says:

Looks amazing. Really loved this video

ds21awareness says:

I don't have a steamer, what other way can I prepare this?

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