Back To School Supplies Haul & DIY SCHOOL SUPPLIES!

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I went back to school shopping! Don’t you wanna know all the stuff I got?!
Have you seen my video about my awkward kissing stories?!

I know it’s only july 23rd, but some people have already gone back to school!

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*If you’re reading this* comment any back to school videos that you want to see!

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Rose Burrell says:

pause at 9:14 its funny no hate meg I'm a fan ☺

Sasha xo says:

Good thing I'm not subbed to you

Jessica Guerra says:


carolineangel77 says:

I love maranda

Ana Gomez says:

Am i the only one who thinks they are all cute ideas for like your pencils and pens but then you realize that you lose them like all the time?

simon taylor says:

I love miranda

Ashlee Steele says:

What is on your lips

Emma Smith says:

Your editing is awesome! Unlike mine!

Jose Eugenio says:

That wasn't a ruler it was like a bracelet

Trisha Pham says:

I am in the Ravenclaw house at school

Imerie's ideas says:

I like your videos

Syed Dada says:

Happy happy happy happy

Amy Halvorson says:

Where is your bright lipstick

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