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Everything By Catherine says:

Is that I grid Nilsen???

Roselyn Cortez says:

hey Elle and jered. and Jason

Weh8uplzdie says:

Why does his wife look like a teenager ?

Jahnia Hodge says:

Awe Jackson is so cute and chubby #tb

Rose Floyd says:

Them dance moves tho

lupita rodarte says:

I wish I can met you

MC_Q Playz says:

Jackson is the number one savage XD

Siti Anita says:

in 7:34 you can saw a girl with the black shirt right but….. you can see that girl with the black shirt there is a panties that you can saw

Ken Walkerr says:

Who is watching this after Finns first steps

Angel Vang says:

that's so cute Elie

kmu mu says:

awwwwwwwww sòooooooooooooooooooo cute

Samantha Fast says:

Why don't you guys hang out with Noah any more

Lorita Pace says:

omg the video stoped at 8:05 it is heleros

Sophie Greene says:

Ellie looks pregnant in this video

Mackenzie Floyd says:

He is so cute I love your family

Selvam s says:

first steps

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