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Betce Maciel says:

you guys let him put the keys in his mouth.

Mandy Foster says:


Shelly Brewer says:

what if she got pregnant when she was 9

Ally LaPlante says:

Levi is so cute.

Elizabeth Kaelene says:

i commenting to much .but i am very happy for you guys are pretty responsible .

Madison Petruzzelli says:

U guys r so responsible

Ishika Toocaram says:

Wait they have the right to stay alone in a house amd occupy their baby all by themselves .. i mean they arr still very young? .Though they are very good parents .. Cute baby Levi <3

Penco Penco Penco Penco says:

am loving you guys

Lizbeth Gutierrez says:

cool she speaks Spanish

Esha Patel says:

Omg Levi is to cute for me to handle!!

shakshi Sewtohul says:

he snores so loudly

Destiny McDaniel says:

If Joan is a fast texter, you should do a lyric prank challenge. With a not so common song

Caitie Johnson says:

I love when she scares Joan lol

Two States and a Flight says:

I love all of the support!!!❤️

Esther Yanez says:

You guys are so humble & I love it keep up the good job being teen parents isn't easy but it's the best feeling seeing your own child grow . Xoxo from Bakersfield CA.

Caziah Johnson says:

OMG he is such a cute little baby

Fantasia Harper says:

he is sooooo cute ….Lil levi

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