Baby takes first steps for Donald Duck

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We’d say that’s a magical Disney moment!

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Yeee Boi says:

I think the baby was fear driven

Andrea Coba says:

Donald is best girl hands down

Naief Alromi says:

I didn't know cuteness was an ingredient

DS.W official channel World says:

Well Disney does say, "where the magic begins"

Sportsgirl 8879 says:

So cute this why Donald one of my favorite he always so friendly to meet he loves meeting the kids

Nicolai Marzulli says:

disney land

Ngoc tran says:

donald is so sweet to baby boy.

MelanieLoveOreoz 13 says:

time to see what the haters mean coments >:(

MelanieLoveOreoz 13 says:

awww so cute :3 god bless her is she a girl or a boy ^^

Sarah grace says:

I'm amazed that baby cried.

Jenna Kaufman says:

That’s cool

Pisces says:

Just like that Disney world preview on a Disney movie VHS I once had except wi Donald ins was of Mickey

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