Baby starts walking immediately after birth

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Watch this fascinating video where a baby seems to take her first steps immediately after being born.

Babies don’t start taking their first steps until about a year old.

Some have said the video just shows a primitive reflex that babies have from birth, where they ‘walk’ if held up and their feet are touching a surface.

Our thanks to Julia Gonçalves for allowing us to feature this video.

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Mrs Murder says:

Just got here and already tryibf2to leave this bitch i dont blame you baby

Stoop says:

When you restart a video game level and know what to do

Mtg Loeg says:

Someone said “ when you restart a video game level already knowing what to do”

Ernesto Lopez says:

When you restart a videogame level and you know what to do

Dragon Beast says:

shit the baby’s are evolving faster than us

ram sandal says:


Kema Byrd says:

Back I'm my day that means the baby is moving out the way for the mom to have another baby.

Jasmine Houston-Burns says:

Baby lookin like a future athlete.

Mich Tsomething says:

she was trying to get away from the doctor bc she was cold

Lilly Bacon says:

aww so cute!

Carol Stapleton says:

Wouldn’t it be strange if the didn’t lose this reflex action so soon after birth? I mean, running around after 3 month old babies, very strange

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