Baby standing up in belly / monster kicks and movement 38 weeks pregnant

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Try to watch till the end. He wants out! The baby in there was in fact a baby and not an alien or a monster. Benjamin is a healthy and happy baby boy! 9lbs 6oz at birth!


Victor Infante says:

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PoliticallyIncorrect Videos says:

Pro-choice: tHe iNfAnT iSnT aLiVe uNtIl bIrTh

Bev Taylor says:

Refrigerator Perry’s son!

Karo Palor says:

It’s so weird to look at. Natural but it’s one of thoughs things where you know it’s normal and natural but it makes you feel wired.

有元晴菜 says:


ivi lopez says:

Que horrible y bello ala misma ves

Vanesa Gabarri says:

Dios.mio parece que Se ba a salir

fatguylungs says:

I would've jumped….

this ghost, an na is lonely says:

If that happened to me I’d be TERRIFIED it’s like the ALIEN IN ALIEN MOVIE
ps I’m not trying to be rude, I know this is a normal baby okay

Diana baiz says:

por dios pero por dios como se mueve tu bebé estoy embarazada de 4 meses y mi bebé se mueve siempre por la noche durante el día duerme !mi bebé elije cuando dormir mi bebé elije cuando dormir !mmmmmm

Ramona Yulfo says:

I love when she says “ somebody help me”

Erlinda Rios says:

Did you have the baby yet

Ashley30 says:

Oh my God! That's gotta hurt

Ristie nina says:

It’s an alien

Lamarck Leland says:

I'm so glad I'm not a woman (○□○)

Wolf Fang Art says:

Who else is waiting for the alien to pop out

Ali Ali says:

مصريه مرت من هنا

Dianna K.S. says:

well if that's not freaky I don't know what is lol

Sandra Seven says:

People that's what baby's do a certain months duh.

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