Baby Sleep Music ♫ Lullabies for Babies to go to Sleep Instrumental ♫ Baby Lullaby Songs Go to Sleep

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Natsupha Visa says:

It took my baby to fall sleep in 25 mins! Thank you

christal faye alejo says:

i mean "your all nice peoples"

christal faye alejo says:

please i want 79,00,1 likes so make my baby brother grow up and not cry please like 79,00,1! please i know yourall nice peoples

christal faye alejo says:

thank you my mother said im a good little big sister i hate that thing that makes my brother cry i sing and she crys alittle Oooops i forgot tomorrow im going to "SM Valenzuela" and i live in singapore but my mother and father had work so they made my grandma take care of me i was so happy with my grandma she was nice to be when i was a baby i try'd yo find my parents but she said "stop crying your parents are in work in singapore!" i know it was funny XD

christal faye alejo says:

thank you my baby brother that always crys already sleep thank you so much…. i'll like this

yanyan Almazora says:

It put my little brother right to sleep

Fleek beats by Tasha Miller says:

I love this so much it’s the perfect combo!!

The Marvin Family says:

This is so relaxing and helped put my baby to sleep

nba youngboy #1 fan says:

My lil niece is drinking her bottle still up until ad comes on she fell asleep

britti boo says:

Great for newborns !

Aubrey Lambatan says:

Still awake

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