Baby Puffs with kale and apple – baby food recipe +6M

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Green Baby Puffs with kale and apple – baby food recipe
Suitable starting from +6 months

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Arina Zainal says:

Hi, can I use extra virgin olive oil instead of coconut oil?

nasha merican says:

How to make baby puff with different type of shape

JKuni Marr says:

Hi.. I love your videos!! Can you suggest a substitute for eggs… Thank you!

Barbara Tran says:

My food processor is terrible. I could not make the rice flour with it so I ended up using organic wheat flour I had on hand. Is that ok to use? Any advice about wheat flour?

Also I did not get the consistency I wanted so I added some yogurt till it was smooth enough and oh my it turned out yummy! Just a tip for anyone else who do not mind adding some dairy into this recipe!

Lady anne Cardinas says:

i don't have an oven, can i ask if i can bake that it using the steamer? if it is possible, then how many mins. it should be done?

Nicole Siew says:

more puffs please

Tashina Lucero says:

Love! Love! Love!!!! I have been on the hunt for the perfect puff recipe and I finally found it!!!! I can't wait to make this for my 8 month old! Do these freeze well?

How Tasty says:

I've just found your channel…it's amazing! So nice idea to realize yummi and healthy recipes for kids…good job, keep it up!! Cheers from Italy :)

MeiMei Ho says:

Can I skip baking soda?

Caligirl Santa Clara says:

Thank you so much for an amazing simple recipe. I cannot wait to make this for my baby.

Hya Agustin says:

hi there can i use brown rice flour instead of rice cereal? Thanks great recipe!

Neha Sharma says:

Thank you so much for such an easy and amazing recipe! Can we substitute rice cereal with oat/ multigrain cereal?

sweety agarwal says:

waow! thnx for sharing such amazing recipe….will definetely look forward for more such healthy puff recipe as these are the most convenient snack option for kids

Yimwhan Family says:

ohhh I love it …..I will keep this for my kids!!

Cillia Peters says:

BuonaPappa this is wonderful! Good job again! I like it

Natasha Najeeb says:

Is there a substitute for kale?

soledani says:

Thank you so much for these recipes, they give me so much inspiration

Sam Warner says:

Hello…i would like some recipe ideas for things like beetroot and any exotic fruit please. My little one is nearly 2

Ubaid Zahid says:

Hi i am from pakistan,my baby girl is too week ,please upload a video for a healthy baby,in puree form ,thanks for sharing such an amazing videos with us

Pati Muniz says:

your accent is soooo cute! <3

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