Baby process from 0 month to 9 months

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This video is so amazing, the song by Vina panduwinata and the title is “Anak ku ” which means “my son” , the lyric with english translation is below this..

I added the english subtitle so you can understand the words…

Dedicated to all great moms in this world

and the lyric to this song with english translation

Saat engkau tertidur
* while you are sleeping
Kupandangi wajahmu
* I watch your face
Masih inginku mendekapmu
*Still, I want to hold you
Masih inginku menciummu
*Still, I want to kiss you

Tak pernah kusadari
*I never realize
Waktu cepat berlalu
*time flies
Kini engkau menjadi besar
*Now you have grow up
Kini engkau lah harapanku
*Now you are my hope

Tumbuhlah anakku
*Grow my child
Raih… lah cita-citamu…
*Go get your aspiration
Jangan pernah engkau ragu sayang
*don’t you ever doubt, my dear
Doaku slalu bersamamu
*my pray will always be with you
Membuat aman di hidupmu
*to make your life safe

oh hoo…
oh hoo…
oh hoo…

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Joselito Paeg says:

it made me cry,and exciting,

sannah K says:

Tears it brings my mind the day my kid born. Such a touching video!

Jaynie Lyn Paragas says:

im excited for being mom. feels so emotionally when baby’s out.

Adib Ledek says:

one day, this amazing Allah creature will be in my womb :) Insyaallah

Monjur Hossain Ayon says:

incredible creation of god ! and finally we see the lights of world and its
the universal process of birth ! 

Monyek Kat says:

That was simply beautfiul, I followed my child’s growth from the moment
she/he was ‘discovered’. me and her/his dad didn’t plan this child, but im
more than happy to have her/him, i could never ever throw her/his life away
<3. We’re currently in our 24 weeks.
My little treasure, me and daddy loves you to bits already. 

Omesh Saini says:

this process tell us god is exist in this world. cannot denoy about god.

Echa Alfae says:


Jae Walker says:

wait a second! i thought storks made babies

Ravi Theja says:

no words….. GOD and Mother are GREAT in this world….

SuperWedou says:

Sobhana Allah

Kristoff Bjorgman™ says:

This was so emotionally moving, it made me cry tears of joy. I’m not

Sri Ragamalini says:

Gods miracle each living creatures :) Salute each mother and love them and
babies :)

kaly um kalthoum says:

This is soo heartfelt! it makes one think of how much great God is !! 

Carlin Mccartney says:

OMG… it made me cry.

Riaan Jonker says:

This is so wonderful to see a New life come into this world. To God all the
Glory cause He is The One who give Life. Thank You Holy Spirit for The Life
and Your Love that makes us Breath everyday. Words cannot describe how
awesome You are. Two Thumbs way up for The Almighty One. Amen

chiku says:

very nice video with touching heart

Berio Silverio says:

I near of crying what i said to my brother when i see this video beacause
i said to him that he is not my brother

Revati Gore says:

too much good i have no words for expression

Kiss Rain says:

the music at 6:47 is from Finding Nemo!

This video is so cool! :) :)

Samir Lana says:


Md. Sohorab Hossain says:

I was so emotional after seeing it..Nice video

jhoveth banoy says:

so very beatiful video…tears flows from my eyes while watching this.

Berio Silverio says:

i have a joke
what if the baby inside of the ovary was boy and know how to fuck?

鍾佳琪 says:


Jyostna Reddy says:

now I’m 23 weeks pregnent.but till now i didn’t get any baby movements why
i dnt s very good and healthy in scanning report.

macleata kirkwood says:

cool, so this is how I was created, cool!!!

Tree Yani says:

Hope you’re who’s as be a mother please take care your children’s

Wendy Schrauben says:

Amazing Video my husband and I just found out that im pregnant weve been
trying for another one for a while our oldest is two now that I have
highspeed internet this time I like to look stuff up about pregnancy.

Berio Silverio says:

sorry, joke change–> question

Deandy A H D says:

video yang menyentuh :) Life is just an amazing gift from Him, hope you
appreciate it…. #antiabortion 

Prabu Jeevan says:

who r all watching this page please pray for us ..we ll became father and
mother soon….thanks to all…………i love u mummy….

Febriyanti Sitanggang says:

Oh one day later.. 

Mister Lykos says:

Θεε μου βοήθησέ μας Σε παρακαλούμε να αξιωθούμε να ζήσουμε το θαύμα Σου!!!

Najmat Al Jazira says:

سبحان الله و بحمده
سبحان الله العظيم

MrsGunfall says:

i had a miscarriage and this video made me cry because my baby wasn’t able
to reach those milestone, before he hit 9 weeks he died….now, I’m on my
2nd pregnancy hope this time my baby survive!!!

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