*Baby Pix* 8 weeks postpartum: Pregnant after tummy tuck (LBL)

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Smilenwave Mays says:

Just found your videos today. I’m actually in southeast Michigan. I’m
seriously considering getting the sleeve to but hubby and I aren’t sure
about having More kids. Your videos are very inspiring.

skymoon1982 says:

Im glad your back. Excellent update. I was very curious to see how the
body would bounce back after a tummy tuck. Thanks for showing us. Your
baby is so precious. God Bless him. 

bandedwendy says:

Great to see you & hear the update. Precious lil’ man you have. Enjoy being
his mommy! Happy New Year!

AmySDMOM says:

Glad to see your post.

PJ Jenkinson says:

Welcome back and congrats on the baby!!

Sandris says:

It is great to see a video from you! Your baby is soooo adorable. Thanks
for taking us through your journey. I am single, and I wonder when it comes
down to it whether I would want to wait until after having a baby or do the
tummy tuck. Your experience is definitely useful to the WLS community. 

Sandra Timmons says:

Good for you Congratulations! You look awesome and your tummy looks great
for going through pregnancy! Your little guy is adorable! 

siva418 says:

I’m in Michigan too and it’s sucked here this winter. It’s insane. I feel
your pain! LOL

Self acceptance is so hard; it’s crazy that we never seem happy with
ourselves until after we realize how great we had it. LOL

Congrats on giving birth and you seem like a very happy mama!

I’m in the plastic surgery phase and saving up money for my lower body
lift, arm lift and breast lift. You give me hope that if I am ever blessed
with a pregnancy after my body lift that I’ll be okay!


Living in Lola Land says:

Congratulations! He’s beautiful! You look wonderful and your tummy looks
great post partum. Breastfeeding burns alot of body fat do that 20 will
melt in no time. 

VSG Gingy says:

What a cutie pie!!! You look great and what a positive and great attitude…
keep up the great work and glad to see a video from you!

23myvision says:

He is beautiful and you look great! Look forward to seeing you again! 

seemego2150 says:

Thanks for checking in. You look great and it sounds like you’re doing
very well at 8 weeks. Your little boy is just gorgeous :) enjoy him. 

teri knowles says:

I was wondering how you feel about your arms? Have they turned out the way
you were expected?

TheGalwayfan says:

Congratulations! You look great and the baby is beautiful :-) Totally
understand the Michigan winter blues. I’m in MI too.

ckrtom2 . says:

Aww, your baby is adorable. :-)
Great to see you and I look forward to more videos. Have a great 2014!

BringingFrankieBack says:

Welcome Back!! Thank you for always being so open and honest. Your child is
beyond precious. 

drylandmurmaid says:

You look awesome and he is PRECIOUS!!!!!

voicechick says:

Aaaaw, your son is a cutie pie. Great vid. ☺

mam1016 says:

Aww congrats!! Was wondering how you were doing and I must have been really
behind because I can’t believe the little man is 8 weeks! You look great!
After my TT I swear that if I gained anything it went directly to my
thighs. I still kept off the weight from the GB but a few lbs are creeping
back and it must have all gone to my bulging belly before because I sure
notice it now! I totally get when people used to say if I could just lose 5
lbs. Um yeah!!! Great to see ya! Marisa

Laurie Jolicoeur says:

Wow your son is so sweet!! Congratulations, he is amazing. I am beyond
thrilled that I found your channel, I am on a weight loss journey after
having my babies and it is incredibly encouraging to find other people on
here on a similar journey. All the best to you and your sweet baby!

Sandra Marsiglia says:

que lindo tu bebe, bendiciones

DejaVu6513 says:

Congratulations on the new baby! He’s absolutely adorable :) 

Sleevesisters4life says:

Great to see u back and doing so well!!! Ur videos where the 1st one I
watch when I decided to have the have my VSG. Really enjoyed watching ur
Congrats on the baby. Thanks for sharing

ProfessorNurseRae says:

You are so awesome, thanks for being so candid and for updating us all on
your journey so far


Hey good to see you doing good i’m about to hit my two year anniversary and
I’m doing good i’ll make a video then

Lapband Annette says:

I am so glad you updated! As a lapbander I have followed your channel for
a wealth of information; I am (17 months) down the path out of obesity.
Congratulations on your new baby :) many blessings with your new journey
as a mom. PS you look so great and happy “you glow” ((hugs)) Ohhhh kale
eeek for me but is very healthy…………I have to learn to like it :)

Missy Belle says:

Congratulations….i have been watching all of your vids because you always
show your belly. lol. I’m 12 weeks post body lift and my stomach feels very
tight after eating a meal. I couldn’t imagine how tight it must have felt
having another person growing in there.

belinda ball says:

good to see ya…you look pretty good to me after having that beautiful lil
booger….look forward to seeing more videos

Heather Barnhart says:

You look great and your little boy is adorable!! Look at all his hair! 

neecyd63 says:

I can’t watch your video on my iPad …. Love how much apple sucks …just
saying :) but wanted to say hi and from the comments it sounds like you and
the babe are doing AWSOME …so glad to see! Hope the whole family is doing
wonderfully! Congrats Mama!

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