Baby Parenting Skills : How to Change a Baby

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When changing a baby’s diaper, it’s important to stay by the baby at all times and to make sure that it’s not too tight. Learn how to use the sticky tabs on diapers with help from a mother of three in this free video on changing babies.

Expert: Erica Goms
Bio: Erica Goms has mothered three children that are currently five and under. She has extensive knowledge in raising and taking care of these wonderful children.
Filmmaker: Michael Burton


Ray Alexandre says:

Oh god we've made a disaster

Audrey Hare says:

You should also make sure that the tape is even on both sides.


My cousin wants me to help her babysit, and sh3 wants me to change the diapers

Aroosa Patel says:

I put the nappy on the baby wrong way round… I don’t understand how but I did #DONTJUDGEME

jocelynis says:

Dont you use a wipe?

Angie LIN says:

The size should be suitable as well. So let's see: How do you know if a diaper is too big?
Click this for reference:

Starlin Peña says:

i dont get it why dont they use the toilets like the rest of us?

Jordan Brown says:

Being a mother is scary :///

Luke Keller says:

You put the new diaper under the old diaper, undo the old diaper, and then attach the fasteners on the new diaper. At this point the old diaper is still in the new one, right?

Cody Burns says:

Is that a Huggies diaper?

Angel Dustin says:

i took some parenting lessons before the baby was born to make sure i am doing everything right

uberllolloll says:

not a very good example many new parents need to learn how to change a girls diaper and changing it included wiping the vagina and bum area properly. Why would you skip such an important part?
Such as do you surface wipe the vagina area without intruding into the vagina? I been watching a few of these videos and people say clean the folds….what are the folds? I believe the folds are the fatty folds around the legs.

Candy’s Channel says:

Extremely cute baby!

Superardez says:

the baby is so cute

hawkwing5678 says:

@Hawkwing4556 Agreed. So cute!

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