Baby moving inside my belly at 3 months pregnant??

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Gabriela Perez-Balcanu says:

Is your heartbeat which is always feels anyway in the body and in your
stomach you have a principal arteries that look like that. Is not the baby
kick yet :)

whitwhit87 says:

Too early for strong movements but might not be too early too feel the baby

orimae marte says:


mejiawendy1989 says:


chad croger says:


Eva Espinoza says:


jazzyfay150 says:

r u seriuos ? thats ur heart beat lol

lulubear1989 says:

That’s your heart beating

his1nonlynoel says:

Yea i have to agree, thats just the pulse of ur heart beating

Camilla Garcia says:

That looks like your own pulse. I got that even when I wasn’t pregnant.
Sometimes especially after eating a lot

Sarah Tatro says:

That’s the Maternal pulse that runs from your belly button to your pubic
bone.. -.- it’s okay, i almost thought it was my baby’s heartbeat before i
recognized the fast beat from a pulse.

Xanthrox says:

Gas it’s okay to fart :) you start to feel movement between 4-5 months.

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