baby moving inside my belly at 14 weeks

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kaegic7 says:

It’s very possible, why would hundreds of thousands of women claim this iud
if wad a lie…And why would I lie about it too????
I felt the fussy popcorn toys movements at 9weeks and now they are miss
frequent Wyeth occasional flop hey AND there, but I think you ppl that are
sceptics are thinking of those 18 to 20 week movements which are totally
different type of baby moving!

Sammi Fox says:

hey guys i did see baby move just TINY bit so dont be bashing her every
pregnancy is DIFFRENT so dont think u all are SAME every one is DIFFRENT so
shut up!
its great seeing ur baby move my dear :) i can see it tiny bit when i
watch it 6 times very closer and Careful :) I am 14 weeks second pregnant
and i see my baby little move when i take bath and lay down quietly it
wonderful seeing baby move :)

Kelly Carithers says:

look no need to be an asshole im 13 weeks with my 4th pregnancy i felt my
baby kick not flutter for the first time at 12 weeks 1 day and my mother in
law felt and saw it kick from the outside so yes it is possible and if your
uterus is already stretched as mine is and my uterus is tipped oblong and
was already high before pregnancy my uterus is at a little over my belly
button so i sometimes feel kicks behind or above my belly button so yes it
is possible

Rachel Lopez says:

I don’t think it’s the baby moving, it’s the uterus growing that’s making
you feel like the baby is moving.

Mandi H says:

I have 2 children. It is physically impossible to actually see ur baby
moving at such an early stage. U may be able to feel it but others cannot
see it 

latoya rodriguez says:


LilRedz Davis says:

People are idiots!! I’m 14 weeks and 2 days! I seen my baby move 2x
already! If your not a woman OR never been pregnant before please STFU! 

crazylifeofanavywife says:

I didn’t see anything either, but there is no reason to be rude to her! And
every pregnancy is different I am 13 weeks (second pregnancy) and feel my
little girl move all the time!

mandy keoghan says:

Only thing I seen was breathing???? Did you take anything before hand???

Bethany-Rose Erutoe says:

i aint seebnothing ? :/

Alisa Milligan says:


shenea white says:


greekosdarkness says:

hahaha, wow 14 weeks and the baby is moving eh? How about no…thats not
possible. Its probably just the feeling of you being fat..

viena911 says:

That is definitely true. lol

crazylifeofanavywife says:

And FYI for anyone who says at 14 weeks the baby is not in your stomach
area, you may want to ask a dr. Because my last sonogram (12 weeks) my
daughter was right under my belly button and was moving above it during the
sonogram. Just sayin…

iliketokillforfunify says:

Breathing and your baby moving is to different things!!!

Bethany-Rose Erutoe says:

*see nothing*

his1nonlynoel says:

Im sorry honey im sure u were feeling it but we wasnt seeing it.

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