Baby moving inside my belly – 29 weeks and 3 days

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kezia guy says:

i am at 29 weeks… and this is one part of my pregnancy that I will
miss… I enjoy every kick, every movement…. It is just too amazing!

Happy Khan says:

O my god look at the baby…………..i cant believe they move inside like
that. i have no experience about this. :) god bless u

Regina Solis says:

Wow that’s so awesome :)!! I’m only 22 week n 1 day :)!! Can’t wait for that

Kaymo06 says:

I’m 29 weeks today and I swear I could just sit and watch my little guy
move all day! It’s just the coolest thing :)

EaseYourHead says:

ehhhhhhy! lemme out lol so amazing

Michelle Phan Thi says:

Wow Wow Wow…. That’s amazing…

Girl Smitten says:


Peter Townsend says:

she’s 3 years old now though hehehe..

KraziKari says:

Aww, lol. I haven’t reached 29 weeks yet, I’m around 25 right now… but
your baby sure does move a lot lol. My baby’s been moving a lot more since
the video I had posted a few weeks ago… so I feel like recording my belly
again. =] I think it’s weird, the feeling and to watch it move haha.

quackers87 says:

is this your first awe!?

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