baby moving inside belly / week 20

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jong sun yeon says:

Oh gosh

CuteSwag420 says:

Im 20w4d and feel kicks like crazy, seeing tonight if we see the little
kicks as well. ♥

Catey Carmody says:

I remember being 20 weeks (I’m 27 now) and staring at my belly until my
eyes hurt waiting to see that little pop now it happens all the time.

Destiny Kreft says:

Great now I wanna turn my light on and look at my belly!! Lol

Ashtyn Gauthier says:

@rosierobledo u have to look right along the edge of her pants. its moving
for sure.

DemiLovatofriend says:

no theres def movement in there

Kali says:

Wow. 20 weeks and u can see it!! That is soooooo cool!!!

Maria S.H says:

Yes, I saw it.

rosierobledo says:

That’s no baby that’s u breathing

his1nonlynoel says:

Wow at first im like -.- i see nothing n then u started poking at it n i
was like O.O WOW

emilee sparks says:

My stomach is still not showing but I started seeing movment at 17 Weeks,
and now at 20 Weeks its non stop

greekosdarkness says:

did it hurt when it was moving?

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