baby moving inside belly – baby bewegt sich im bauch – bebek hareket ediyor

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Polaris Marte says:

lindoo lindo :)

Julie Ballinger says:

Beautiful can’t wait to be pregnant

shadowofthedead12 says:

Big rash your baby made.

carolina ibarra says:

aw how cute!! i wish my baby would start moving.. but im only 11 weeks i
will have to wait at least 2 more months for that…

groovyangel666 says:

That’s funny

Freezyboy23 says:

IT looks like a bone is ready to pop out :S it looks so freaking pain full

taylorbbb20 says:

That would freak me the hell out.

Marisa Hines says:

O.o he looks like he’s about to rip your flesh open lol, maybe i’ve been
watching too much science fiction stuff.

kirstie Boo says:

i totally kids are 22 18 and my baby is 12 and i loved having
them in my tummy….and believe it or not i even enjoyed the birthing of
them too…i really wished that i had videoed myself when i was pregnant so
i could look back on my children before i birthed them.

dmaneta says:

What scar??? Is this the first time you see pregnant belly?

OurTaintedInnocence says:

Does it hurt when they do that?

bienchen3008 says:

like what? can you compare it?!

tiemedwn09 says:

Wow thatz nice nd all but a luh creepy 2… I dnt think I ever wnt kids
after seeing that…

MelonJMusic says:

what did you expect? her belly grew! most belly buttons get pushed out or
flattened out late in pregnancy. you can’t expect it to stay in when
everything else grew out. lol

Summer Mitchell says:

You can see it so well because she was skinny when she got pregnant. I’m 25
1/2 weeks and I can see mine push on my belly:)

thuglovinbabie6ht says:


leadfoot driver says:

many of my freinds have kids. so it is nothing new to me

Zachary Brown says:


TheMagdaTera says:

Oh my gosh!! you can see baby standing up!!:) amazing miss it though :)

Grace lynn says:


RonAnecdotes says:


Chocolatebananas says:

This is beautiful…

Halo Lore says:

“Let me out!”

Alix Smurf says:

a little miracle…….. :3 I LOVE BABIES SOO MUCH! <3

Nicky89Springer says:

I really miss that feeling

victoriablack51 says:

My daughter once kicked and I had a paper bowl of popcorn on it and it flew

SakuraBlossoms44 says:

OMG!!! CHESTBURSTER!!!!!!!!!!!

MilitaryDragons says:

that is just plain disturbing looking…it also looks like a baby alien
from the AVP movies X)

Diana says:

A mi si me duele cuando se mueve asi…. es molesto

stephyUk22 says:

Its amazing im 37weeks my lil girl the same..

Static. says:


taterbug78 says:

if you look closely you can see its not real but a great editing job

serenity thompson says:


xXJanValentineXx says:

It depends where they kick you. You don’t have nerve endings on the inside
of your stomach like you do on your skin, so you feel the pressure, but not
as fine as you would if someone took a nail gently across your skin.
However, a kick in the ribs doesn’t feel too good. My brother used to kick
my mother in the ribs really hard all the time.

MsDarquesse says:


salina rodriguez says:

That’s so cute

Shuree Solbrack says:

it is..but so fun.

ZombieMachine666 says:

Creepy o.O

HighForThis says:

Does That Hurt ..Sheeesh.! Im Scared To Get Pregnant Now.! Beautiful But
Owwww.! LOl Good Luck.!

floyd5777 says:

That is gross!

chad croger says:

good big belly big kicking hard

Princess Jasmine says:

Eeeeewwww but awwww

littlemonkeesim says:

aww! So cute! (this is slike 3 years late….) So I’m gonna ask… girl or

tomy vanhouten says:

is this real

leadfoot driver says:

i am happy for you honey. you are having a child. that is wonderful news.
so many on here are mean. and know nothing of what you are experiencing.
enjoy the time you have.. it will soon be over and your real life wil begin.

Nowsheen Seraj says:

Does that hurt??

Princessmae90 says:

aw i miss this :'(

cherrygummysix says:

Im 34 weeks pregnant and i thought it’s cute to see my baby moving. It does
not hurt most of the time, it feels like there’s wind inside your stomach.

iKayTheOne says:

does that hurt??

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