Baby moving in tummy at 39 weeks pregnant

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Kyra875 says:

Congratulations on your baby! I don’t blame him for moving that much, he’s
been cooped up for 9 months :-)

magoosdancer says:

holy crap was he ever moving.. looked like he was doing the MACARENA

brownniethebunny says:

love the music

90ells says:

blood hell active baby or what!!

akamaru479 says:

congratz ^^ aparently i was a fighter >.>…still am actuly ^^

Sara Hall says:

When I was pregnant with my youngest daughter she would walk her feet
across my belly it looked so weird but I loved the feeling of my child
moving its the most amazing feeling in the world to me to feel your baby
moving around ib your belly knowing that therez this little life that you
created in there

jnoring says:

My wife told me it felt like a baby moving in her tummy!!! :) Despite all
the jumping around she said it never hurt and the feeling was incredible!

Farjana Miah says:

Baby do same thing with me i m 40 week

jaylaleanna84 says:

Awesome..Pirates theme..

thebeatles516 says:

I just expect the baby to just jump out the way its moving.

narleynina says:

What does that feel like? PS I love the Pirates music.

Jordan Taylor says:

Well then

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