BABY MOVING IN BELLY at 25 WEEKS! – July 15, 2012 – itsJudysLife Vlog

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Welcome to our Everyday Lives! We finally tied the knot on Aug. 12, 2011. See our Wedding Series here

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notintoyou101 says:

Now you have three baby bears. :)

Mysha Yoseph says:

Nothing can beat Pakistani pistachio ice cream and mango ice cream yummy! 

Alexandre Makani says:

are you serious?

Lu Rod says:

You are going to be the BEST mom Judy!

ilyStephan1e says:


cieloirene03 says:

OMG, you two are sooo happy with eachother, and i bet Baby Julianna is
going to be really pretty like you, Judy :) GOODLUCK with the baby! 😀

PippinPotter11 says:

YaaaY!!! For me, Judy!!!… I finally have my new lap top up & running, &
it is so nice seeing you & your hubby on this much bigger screen instead of
my tiny cell phone screen. I’m kind of new to your channel, & I’m doing
some “catching up”, so to speak, on your journey from your amazing wedding
series, up until today, August.26, 2012. I’m enjoying watching you enjoy
your lives,as I sit back & enjoy my own. You sure beat the hell out of
watching those “over rated” Kardashians, that’s for sure!;)

KillerQueen87 says:

I love this channel! I found you guys ’cause I’m a make-up-video-holic :p
So started with itsJudytime and now I sub to itsJudytime, itsJudysLife and
BenjiManTV, and it’s so much fun to get to see some of your everyday life
along with your respective channels. Thank you for sharing with us! Love
from Sweden!

AshReonna says:

Are you stupid for clicking the video and not knowing what it was about ?

WeAreYoung358 says:

Are You Retardedd And CAn U READ

RumKay90 says:

I’ve never seen a baby move in a stomach before. Thank you so much for
sharing those precious moments with us ^^

curlynx says:

Hi! Judy. I just love your frame. I’ve been looking for a similar kind.
Hope u can tell me whats the brand and where i can get one. Thanks, Judy.

26dominicana says:

I see I was worry there was something wrong with me lol I can see when she
is on my left or right side because it will look bigger than the other
side. Other than that I can’t actually see much but I do feel her a lot!!
she moves a lot I don’t even kno if she ever sleeps lmao. I started feeling
her around 12 weeks (found out I was preg at 8 weeks). So do you know your
baby’s sex?

clairavance21 says:

Neither, are you jealous? XD

AlexxHeartsGlitter says:

In my book, everyday is ice cream day;) haha

Joyce Parata says:

Oh my gosh!! Julianna is having a party up in there. *tears* so
precious!!!! <3333

Zoie Aquino says:

Do u live in Washington

kellyalexandrashow says:

when i saw your baby kicking i got such an overwhelming feeling of
happiness :) wow, just wow <3

Emily M says:

LOL, it’s funny because I just left a cold water bottle out on my desk and
I left it there overnight and next morning, I pick it up and my desk has a
huge bump on it. T_T

Bianca-Lin Racine says:

AW !!!

wilddheartx3 says:

that sammich

rachanae1 says:

omg when the baby moved i was like OMG MY STOMACH ARHHH :'(

missjulie98 says:

me and your baby have the same name <3 YAYA

Jsunsetsky87 says:

lol judy, you just wait!!! u think shes kicking now, u just wait till shes
doing tyquando(sp) in that belly and it hurts like a mother… my son used
to ponch my hip and kick my ribs at the same time! ughh…. thinking about
it makes me cringe.. but i hated pregnancy and feeling baby move…

26dominicana says:

I was 250 lbs when I got preg and I lost 10 pounds so now I am down to 240
lbs ty God!! lol instead of gaining weight I am losing and I find it quiet
weird. when you are over weight it can be hard to see the baby movements
but you can feel them specially when you put your hand on your belly. I
gonna wait and see if I can see any movements by the 7th or 8th month (6
month preg btw)…

Amy Yang says:

lol someone sure is seeking for attention in the comments. tsk tsk

mantonija says:

what do you think of 50 shades of grey Judy?

emz.offduty says:

It was so amazing to see baby Juilanna kick #precious

SoulviraVideo says:

go away

26dominicana says:

I am 24 weeks preg and my lil girl moves and kicks a lot everyday but since
I was over weight when I got preg I can only feel her movements but my
belly doesn’t move :( I wanna see my belly movingggg!!!

SoulviraVideo says:

omg that’s so cute !!!!!! aahhwww :)

TheAnimallover1881 says:

my fav is vanilla

libraheartstaurus says:

youre an idiot.

DelilahAndJackiee says:

I Have The Fifty Shades Of Grey Book Too ! 😀

Jasmine C says:

sandwich looks good!

Jocelyn Murillo says:

that was so precious, thanks for sharing this with us! :) best of luck and
wishes to you & bengi! xxx

Jsunsetsky87 says:

@lalooshwashere no, thats deli meats, not cheese!

Margaux Gamet says:

* facepalm . you have got to be joking .

Kimberly Orcutt says:

it doesnt hurt. at least my son didnt. and it does feel really strange.
almost like a tummy rumble mixed with a painless cramp lol i miss it
really. after i had my son i felt so lonely without him in my belly =(

Pika Chi says:

yes . her far is moving by itself

bethany hart says:


PippinPotter11 says:

Hello Judy! I don’t care too much for this make up look on you. I think it
may be the foundation as well, along with the eye shadow, I’m not quite
sure what it is. However I do think it is because it is now August. 26th,
2012, and I happen to love your entire look you have going on, hair &
all!!! 😉 Also, your pregnancy glow is awesome, Judy, & you are a VERY
pretty “preggo woman!” Actually Judy, you are so very pretty & beautiful
always, pregnant or not! **& Julianna is almost here! YaaaY!!! :)

Caren Collins says:

aw this makes me miss being pregnant! Feeling the baby kick was my favorite
part of pregnancy

Cheyenne Williams says:

that I can’t believe Julianna is so big already. im sitting watching your
old videos thinking ‘ wow times goes to quickly’ :)

Jena Randolph says:

Babies are so cute! =D <333

Lara P says:

Read the title first before you comment.

ikixazz23 says:

judy! have you finished the fifty shades series?

beautysisters1118 says:

you’re so beautiful Judy! ive seen your recent vlogs also, I hope I look as
good as you when I’m pregnant :)

Carolyn Campbell says:

Hmm .. Benji . what’s with the ‘MY” condo, my kitchen? Dang .. you’d best
get used to no more of that language .. lol .. when Julianna arrives …
there will never be ” my” again.:) ox

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