Baby Moving In Belly

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If baby moving in belly don’t worry it’s natural & called “quickening”. It’s a good sign of baby’s health & grow.
Not all the movements you can feel are actually kicks from your baby.
Babies spend plenty of time moving their hands and exploring the uterus, changing sides, hiccuping, and even doing somersaults.

Babies are really busy!

Some Facts:

1. Kicks are not just ‘kicks’, it Indicate Good Development And Health Of A Baby:
2. Baby’s Respond To The Change In Environment such as when they hear noise
3. Lying On The Left Side Increases The Frequency Of A Baby’s Kicks. This is caused by improving the blood supply to the fetus.
4. Baby Kicks More After You Have A Meal:
5. Babies Begin Kicking Soon After Nine Weeks:
6. Reduced Kicks May Indicate A Baby’s Distress:
7. Reduced Kicks After 36th Week Do Not Mean Trouble:
8. The normal average kick is between 15 and 20 per day.

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“Baby Moving In Belly”
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Mums-to-be have shared what their baby’s movements feel like to them in the following slides.

#Baby Moving In Belly 12 to 15 weeks:

“It feels like butterflies fluttering across the bottom of my tummy.”

“Like a tiny machine gun blowing bubbles.”

#Baby Moving In Belly 16 to 19 weeks:

“I feel a slight rolling sensation low down when I’m relaxing.”

“It feels like I’m being tickled with a feather from the inside.”

“It feels like little bubbles bursting. I’m desperate to feel solid kicks!”

#Baby Moving In Belly 20 to 23 weeks:

“It feels like my tummy is pulsing, like the kind of twitch you get in your eye or arm sometimes.”

“I still feel pops and also a new jelly-like feeling that’s now happening more often than the popping.”

“The movements feel like muscle spasms and it’s like there’s a fish swimming around in there!”

#Baby Moving In Belly 24 to 27 weeks:

“I can now feel my baby moving and turning. It’s a great feeling, apart from the downward kicks. They’re not very pleasant at all.”

“It feels like big muscle spasms and ripples. It’s like there’s a party going on in there sometimes!”

“It’s like my little one is punching me. My belly pops out when he moves and it stretches out when he’s turning around. His movements are stronger now, but they’re not painful.”

#Baby Moving In Belly 28 to 31 weeks:

“The kicks feel like little taps, some are stronger than others but I can’t quite place where they’re coming from.”

“It feels like my womb is a washing machine with a frog in it.”

“Sometimes there’s a strange rippling sensation across the front of my tummy, and sometimes I feel firm pressure pushing against me, normally on my right side.”

#Baby Moving In Belly 32 to 35 weeks:

“My baby always feels like he’s stretching out in my belly, as if he’s doing a ‘downward dog’ yoga position! My whole tummy suddenly distorts as he stretches.”

“It feels as if a squirrel has gone up my bum and now lives inside me.”

“My baby’s movements feel like she’s stretching out a lot. I can see a little foot or knee push up against the top of my stomach sometimes.”

#Baby Moving In Belly 36 to 40 weeks:

“It feels like there’s a bag of cats inside me!”

“Like there’s a kitchen mixer in my stomach and a pepper grinder on my cervix.”

“It feels like something heavy sliding from one end of a shelf to another.”

“I feel a calm sensation on my belly as my little one plays and it’s just an amazing feeling.”


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