Baby Moving in Belly 27 weeks

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NudgeRules says:

I’m 27 weeks with my rosemary and she started kicking after I watched this!

Sabba Mannan says:

Eeeeee!!!! Can’t wait! I’m 13 weeks today! I can feel SOME movement but not
a lot :)

BellyButtonBoy2 says:

WOW! You have a huge belly button :)

garoux100 says:

Omg! What a sexy belly button! Hope the baby is born healthy!

TheShadaecute says:

im 27 weeks too mine look exactly the same

Ashley Pozin says:

@BellyButtonBoy2 Lol, it actually looks bigger than it is b/c I have scar
tissue from a rejected belly button ring

Chyenne Irwin says:


dianacazadora321 says:

I’m 27 weeks and 2 days pregnant how often should my little princess move?

HeartBDoctor says:

What a lovely moment of total peace and natural beauty. Having your spouse
with you at a moment like this is an act of pure love and a happy home.

Larry Lambert says:

Eww, your belly button is GROSS, no offense Ashley. It’s gross by how it’s
all irritated and kinda inside when are laying down on your side and just
protrudes out when you turn to lay down on your back and looks like a
baby’s navel. It even pops out by 3:21

Dodge Heavy Duty says:

Oh boy. Here goes your kiddie! (No not cat, I’m just having have with you)
I’m happy 4 people that are pregnant. Though, I’m scared 2 become pregnant.
I don’t know if it’s normal 2 be able 2 see your kid move like that in your
stomach. Were you nervous 2 see your stomach move like that? No offense,
but, we’re you afraid that your kid in your stomach could rip your stomach?
I feel worried, even though, I’m nowhere near ready 2 be a mom b/c I’m a
3yrs & 8months 5days, 16hrs, 19 mins & 15sec. See?

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