Baby Moving Foot Across Belly

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Here is my baby in utero at 35 1/2 weeks pregnant moving her foot across my entire belly! I think these movements feel SO weird but at the same time, it is SO freakin’ incredible that a little life is inside of me right now who is strong enough to make me see her from outside the womb. I am in LOVE!


babyvlog says:

@RabekaJo – I know I will miss it so much but I also can’t wait to kiss her
little feet 😀

Babybee86 says:

That is so cool! I am just about 27 weeks long and I feel my baby girl kick
so much! Sometimes she can kick so hard it hurts! I am just now starting to
see her body (or body part) push out onto one side of me belly. It is an
amazing feeling.

babyvlog says:

@splinterofh0pe – Thanks Vanessa!! 😀

babyvlog says:

@shleylee – Thanks!!

matthewsmomma07 says:

So cute I love feeling the baby move during the pregnancy :) Im so excited
to start feeling this little one :)

babyvlog says:

@JPSUESS – Aww, I can’t imagine what it will feel like to look back on this
moment, you know? Grayson is freakin’ adorable btw… lol I can’t wait to
meet BB!!

babyvlog says:

@brittanykay22109 – Just wait til you get there Brittany!! You will love it

babyvlog says:

@sindysb2003 – Thanks!! 😀

RabekaJo says:

You will miss the movements I’m pregnant with baby number six…I’m super
excited to feel this all over again and for the last time too we r gettin
fixed after this one

babyvlog says:

@25BecBec – haha, wow, I can not imagine what it would feel like with TWO
in there!! Crazy!!

babyvlog says:

@purpletips – It is super awesome 😀

babyvlog says:

@ReillyAJ – Thanks!! I think so too 😀 Can’t wait to show my husband when
he gets home!!

davidchaothor says:

im 28 weeks and I cant wait till im 35 weeks!

babyvlog says:

@JenNTim509 – hahaha, I’ve been told so often that I inspire baby fever…
If all of a sudden there are hundreds of BFPs… it ain’t my fault 😉 haha

babyvlog says:

@maria22284 – thank you!! She’s going to be a dancer 😉

ArmindaHeart says:

isn’t it amazing? i could spend hours watching my little one move around
inside me. it’s just… a miracle.

rachelsddc says:

Aww, We just started feeling baby number 1 kick but he’s shy… if we try
to put a hand down there or pull my shirt up, he stops :( I can’t wait til
he moves like that!!! (we’re) 23 weeks

babyvlog says:

@suezq4369 – Generally she does too but I was lucky to catch that movement
right away!! Thank goodness for iPhones with built-in cameras 😉 haha

babyvlog says:

@thegreatgoodbye – Thanks!! I love it 😀

babyvlog says:

@a0martin – I do love the movement… It’s my absolutely favorite.

purpletips says:

That is AMAZING! Wow!!! What a feeling.

julainee__ says:

Please Post A Video Of Her Now!

babyvlog says:

@Kelleyatwork78 – I just sit at my desk sometimes and stare at my belly
because I really am amazed by it… Such a cool experience.

Beth Mayhue says:

aw i miss that! (: It’s an amazing experience

babyvlog says:

@Kimage1985 – haha, it’s SO true!! People who aren’t pregnant (especially
men) can’t fathom what it feels like… Explaining it doesn’t do it justice
at all!

monikasea says:


babyvlog says:

@TheTrixyKat – It sort of feels like pushing and dragging something into
your skin but it’s coming from the inside out… and it isn’t you doing it
to yourself. LOL Not the best explanation 😉

TheTrixyKat says:

That is so very cool.. I can’t imagine how that would feel, lol!!

babyvlog says:

@MyLifeMyStoryMe – ME NEITHER!! lol Where the heck did the past nine months
go to?!

LifeAsMommy says:

Awesome! I am getting this type of movement all day now! Don’t you just
love their little activity and sleep routine..feet in ribs then off to

babyvlog says:

@comparethemarketcom – Thanks!! It’s quite the amazing feeling…

julainee__ says:

Whats Her Name?

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