Baby Moves in Pregnant Woman’s Stomach | Alien Baby

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This really freaks me out; the miracle of life is incredible. We asked you guys if you wanted to see this and there were more yes’s than no’s, so here ya go!
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Devion says:

Eww that shit nasty

Eric Quick says:

im sorry to say this but that is discusting it looks like its bout to claw her insides out

malia9555 says:

OM my Gosh that's so freaky.

Sam Ayele says:

That stomach is gonna pop

rosalind lockley says:

weird whoagrees

Jordan Sipe says:

This is so fucking sexy

But I am rather concerned about the call in the background

meemster101 says:

That was incedible! Why all the thumbs down?? You people are nuts.

Roxy Franklin says:

Does that hurt

JcGolden Neo says:

Gross Dud way did I came here

dan tdm says:

give birth to the freaking child

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