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Me 30 weeks pregnant. Went on to give birth to a baby girl, Naomi! She was 8.9 lbs a strong and healthy little girl.
Here’s a link to our family owned gym. Helped keep me moving well during the pregnancy and loosing those pounds afterwards!


Jonah May Necosia says:

i wish i can bare a child..

Satya Devarapalli says:

haaaaaaaaaaa vammmmmmmoooo

N14 says:

Mommy. Did you ate alien today?

christina love says:

Reminds me of alien vs predator when the aliens get inside the people

anale candame says:

My baby is now moving just like that

Booismydog says:

Only slightly terrifying but still amazing

Stella Harvey says:

I love how in the description theres: "Here's a link to our family owned gym!"

bravousRima bravouRima says:

سبحان الله ما شاء آلله لعقوبة ليا انشاء الله

Star Butterfly says:

Does it hurt?

Lacey Yaxley says:

Is it fake how is your babby so strong

Adelyn Hellman says:

That is scary

Md Ibrahim says:

Masha Allah

Ripped Peddle says:

That's Look kinda creppy

Abdul Razak says:

Really such a great feeling every one can feel inshallah

John Jeffry says:

Thats creepy

Gordon Snell says:

That's just weird, I think that baby is trying to come out

HOKagE DATTebayO says:

I’m waiting for an alien to pop out


That Is A Beautiful Thing Right There!

Tii Ruff says:

Cute? No. It looks like an alien is going to escape from her. It's frightening.

Lisa H says:

That is some crazy intense kicking… wow!

Fontella Briggs says:

OUCH!! It looks like stomach cramps!!

danandphillover_ 7 says:

How can people say that isn't a life, that's it all a clump of cells?

Jax Jack says:

Does it hurt

XCM2 JI says:

Throws Up Everywhere

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